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how to draw a cartoon avocado ready to be eaten

How to draw a cartoon avocado

In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a cartoon avocado that looks cute and delicious using mostly basic shapes and simple digital effects. I will show you how to create basic shadows and reflections to create more depth and volume inside this fruit originating from Mexico. Filled with vitamin B, E and C (and also loaded with fiber and potassium) this fruit is definitely a good alternative that should be added in your plate!

drawing the basic shape of the fruit

First, let's draw the basic shapes used to represent the avocado. In the middle of the subject, you can start by adding a large seed using an oval shape. Notice how this one is slightly pointed on both ends. Then, you can draw two layers around the seed using irregular shapes. The bottom of these shapes is larger while the top is narrower. Complete this part of the lesson by drawing the external skin.

How to draw a cartoon avocado

adding gradient colors inside the cartoon avocado

The seed is filled with a dark brown color. The fruit itself is colored with a mix of yellow and green. Finally, the external skin is drawn using a dark green color. You can use gradient fills to create more depth inside the fruit. As you can see below, all parts of the avocado are filled with two different tones of the same color.

How to draw a cartoon avocado

drawing texture on the skin

The external skin of the avocado is usually bumpy and irregular. To illustrate this reality properly, let's add some textures using simple basic shapes.

First, draw a few dots on the back of the fruit. Then, make sure all new shapes are filled with two variations of the same color (light green and dark green). Finally, apply some transparency so that all these new textures can be more subtle.

How to draw a cartoon avocado

adding dark shadows

We can now create more shadows on the avocado using subtle shapes as shown in the illustration below. Simply draw new shapes colored in black and then, make all these new elements partially transparent.

How to draw a cartoon avocado

creating simple highlights and reflections

Another thing we can do to create more volume is draw highlights and reflections. To do so, simply sketch new white shapes on most areas. Once again, these new shapes must be partially transparent so that we can end up with a subtle result.

How to draw a cartoon avocado

Good job learning how to draw an avocado like this one!

Below, you can see the cartoon avocado once all steps are completed. It's not a difficult subject to illustrate, but adding the right digital effects can be slightly tricky. Don't hesitate to experiment and try this lesson until you are 100 percent satisfied with the result.

How to draw a cartoon avocado

You can see all six steps required to draw the avocado below. Now that this delicious fruit is completed, feel free to try more cartoon food from the same series here. Try it! It's a fun series that everyone will enjoy.

How to draw a cartoon avocado

The simple list below is also featuring fun tutorials related to the same theme. More fun tips and techniques are available to help you learn to draw better! :)

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