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How to Draw A Cartoon Astronaut floating in space

How To Draw A Cartoon Astronaut Floating In Space

Drawing a simple cartoon astronaut floating into space can easily be done using this tutorial. At one point or another everyone has dream of being an astronaut. After all, what could be more fascinating than flying around into space dressed in a giant white suit?

Unfortunately, it's a dream that only a few men and women will be able to achieve. Becoming an astronaut is really hard and unless you have some high skills for chemistry, physics or any other technological area. Otherwise, you won't have the opportunity to fly into space!

Making a trip into space as a tourist is now possible, but only the rich and famous can have the opportunity to do so. Space travelling is fascinating and one day, someone will certainly land on Mars.

Until then, you can dream and draw a nice cartoon astronaut in this eight step drawing lesson. You can start with the video version below. The written version is available after the video. :)

let's start this lesson by drawing a few simple shapes

First, sketch a large circle to form the helmet. This one is really large compared to the suit. Next, draw a basic rectangle to illustrate the torso. This shape is slightly irregular. Then, create both arms using short squares as shown in the illustration below.

Cartoon astronaut

working on the legs and the backpack

On the bottom part of the character, you can sketch more small rectangles to represent the legs and feet. Two rectangle are needed for each leg and one shape can be used to draw a single foot. On the back of the astronaut, draw more straight lines to create the backpack.

Cartoon astronaut

using all basic shapes to sketch the silhouette

You can now sketch the silhouette of the cartoon astronaut using all shapes created earlier. The helmet is done using two curved lines. The head can be seen inside this one using a simple circle. You can also draw the arms and legs using more curved lines. Gloves are done using four fingers (since we are sketching a cartoon character).

Cartoon astronaut

drawing the facial features

Inside the helmet, draw the eyes using perfect circles. Both pupils are made from small dots. Under the eyes, sketch the nose using a small curved line. A longer line is needed for the mouth. Complete this part of the character by drawing short ears made from more curved lines. Under the shoes, some depth is added using additional lines.

Cartoon astronaut

working on the suit of the cartoon astronaut

We are almost done sketching and drawing this lovely subject. Indeed, the character is now recognizable and only a simple few details are missing on the suit.

First, you can sketch an antenna on the backpack. Next, add some straps on both sides of the character (near the shoulders). On the chest, you can sketch a few buttons and a simple device. Finally, a small line is added between the legs.

Cartoon astronaut

adding simple colors

Now that the cartoon astronaut is created, you can add some colors on the character as shown in the illustration below. A skin color is added on the face. Darker colors are needed on the backpack, inside the helmet and below the shoes. The tip of the antenna can be red.

Cartoon astronaut

creating cool effects using gradients

We are not done yet! Using plain colors added in the previous step, we can now apply some gradients to the illustration to create depth and volume. Notice how some elements (like the legs) are now darker near the bottom, but brighter on top.

Cartoon astronaut

more fun effects to complete this character

On the top section of the visors, you can add a light blue color. This color is becoming totally transparent near the bottom of the shape. Next, draw simple patterns on the suit to illustrate the complexity of the fabric. Nice work! This version of an astronaut is now completed!

Cartoon astronaut

If you need more assistance illustrating this amazing cartoon character, then you can use the image below. This one contains all steps required to draw this astronaut properly. Don't hesitate to create your own version using various colors, patterns, postures, shapes and textures. Drawing a simple background can also be a fun exercise!

How To Draw A Cartoon Astronaut Floating In Space

I hope you had fun learning to draw this cute illustration. More lessons featuring astronauts and various planets can be found below. Have fun with these additional resources and don't forget to practice on a daily basis. That's the key to success! :)

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