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How to Draw A Cartoon Artist working on a painting

How To Draw A Cartoon Artist Working On A Painting

Drawing a cartoon artist might seem like an awkward activity to do, but it can be quite fun. You can almost see this exercise as creating a self-portrait. For this lesson, you will have the opportunity to work with a basic character painting something a little bit abstract.

It's also a nice exercises to help you work with proportions (while drawing the easel) and draw a fun posture. We will start with the creation of the easel. Then, a template to form the character will be built using basic shapes. Finally, these shapes will be used as a guideline to help us draw the character properly. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now. :)

drawing the easel using rectangles

First, let's draw the easel using basic rectangles. This part is a little bit complex since the object is shown using an angle. The main part is done using a rectangle. You can add depth using more thing lines. All three legs on the bottom are made from longer shapes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Artist

adding basic shapes to form the top of the character

Next, let's draw more basic shapes to help us figure out the posture and the proportions of the artist. Start by adding a large circle to form the head. The ear is made from a smaller circle. Next, draw the arms and hands using more shapes. The body is illustrated with a large rectangle. Create a paint palette with one large oval shape.

How To Draw A Cartoon Artist

working on the legs using more simple rectangles

On the bottom of the character, you can draw the legs using rectangles. Notice the posture of the artist. One leg is straight while the other one is slightly bent. Now that we have a nice template to work with, it's time to draw the cartoon artist using mostly curved lines. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Artist

using curved lines to draw the cartoon artist

The head is made from long curved lines. Notice how the ear is attached to the character. Both eyes are done with small oval shapes. The neck is thin and made from straight lines.

The left hand is visible, but only two fingers can be seen. The paint palette is slightly different. More simple curved lines are required to illustrate the legs and the feet.

How To Draw A Cartoon Artist

adding subtle, but important details

A small brush can be drawn inside the left hand. On top of the head, a small circle is created. The thumb of the right hand (inside the pain palette) is now visible. Finally, you can work on the facial expression using lines and dots. Notice how the tongue can now be seen.

How To Draw A Cartoon Artist

drawing paint all over the place

On the canvas, you can draw an abstract pattern using curved lines and weird shapes. More simple patterns can also be added to the paint palette. This character is now completed. If you want to make this cartoon artist visually more appealing, you can add color to your work ... let's see how! :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Artist

Bringing the character to life using color

It's time to unleash your creativity and add colors inside the illustration. For this version, I have colored the hat in red, the shirt in blue and the pants in brown. The painting is green (for now). Notice how the thinner parts of the easel are slightly darker to create depth in the image.

How To Draw A Cartoon Artist

adding gradients to create depth and volume

Another simple technique that you can use to create more volume is adding gradients. As you can see below, most shapes are now darker on the bottom and brighter on top. It's easier to create using a vector application, but this effect is also easy to achieve using more traditional tools.

How To Draw A Cartoon Artist

I hope you had fun working with this adorable character. Feel free to create more cool cartoon artists using more fun lessons below. Drawing on a daily basis is the key to improve your abilities. Enjoy! :)

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