How to Draw Cartoon Animals From The Farm

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Learning how to draw cartoon animals from the farm is not such a difficult task! We've grown up surrounded by them! Farm animals are everywhere: In blockbuster movies, child's books, greeting cards... Their shapes and images are printed in our minds!

In this section, I will show you how to determine what are the physical uniqueness of each animal and how to work with them. Then, you can practice drawing each cartoon character using basic shapes.

How to draw cartoon animals from the farm

You will have the opportunity to make nice illustrations, practice sketching and cartooning using short easy lessons and complete your creation using a drawing software to create vector art if you want to! Cartoon drawing is really fun once you get into it!

Don't be afraid to try until you get it right. This method is really simple, but requires practice and observation. So, sit back and relax. Learn how to draw animals from the farm and start your journey on a good note!

Here are a few examples to get started. Don't hesitate to use these simple tutorials to learn how to draw these cute cartoon animals. Once you are familiar with these characters, you can also try other drawing lessons located on the navigation menu.

How to get the best out of these tutorials

Although these drawing lessons are quite easy to achieved, they can be a little bit difficult if you don't have much experience at drawing. Here are a few tips to help you reproduce these cartoon animals more easily.

Take your time and make sure all basic shapes are properly drawn!

This is not a race! Take your time, draw each basic shape carefully and make sure everything is aligned properly. Once this is done, create the outlines carefully and add all details once the shape of your character is finished. Check each step to make sure you did not forget a step or an important element.

Practice as much as needed. Try to draw using your own style!

Remember that all tutorials on the site are created by someone (me!) with a unique and distinctive style. It is perfectly normal if you cannot achieved something 100% similar because you do have your own style. Your goal is to use these drawing lessons as a template to develop your own (and unique) style.

Try several cartoon animals. Even the ones that are tough.

It's fun to draw a simple character and end up with an accurate result. It's even more rewarding if you can create a complex character and end up with an honest result.

Don't draw characters that you are comfortable with. Try to sketch the ones that are tough and difficult. It's the best technique to improve your abilities!

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