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Submit Your Cartoon Animal From The Wild!

You wish to submit your cartoon animal drawings? This section is the one to choose if you are talking about wild animals! Don't be afraid to show us those cool sketching of lions, tigers or kangaroos! 

Submit your cartoon animal

Unlike farm animals, wild animals are a little bit more interesting to draw in my honest opinion. Why? Simply because farm animals have been overused in the comic book industry. 

Everyone has read a book about dogs, cats or pigs. But stories involving lions, kangaroos or snakes are less common.

Don't get me wrong! Both farm and wild animals are interesting! I just think that if you wish to draw something original, you have more chances of reaching your goal if you draw wild animals!


Just fill out the form below and read the following recommendations to make sure that your drawing will be approved:

  • JPG format only. Preferably optimized for the web.
  • Please make sure that your submission is relevant to this category. Otherwise, you might want to submit your drawing in another section.
  • Submissions with no text (and only a picture) will be rejected. A description about your techniques, your work or yourself is really appreciated. This will make your submission more interesting for the visitors.
  • Review your submission to avoid typos.
  • You can upload several images.
  • All submissions need to be approved before going live online. So it is useless to spam.

Thank you for sharing your drawing and don't be afraid to show your page to your friends!

Please note that all drawings submitted by you or by other artists are available below the submission form.

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the drawings that others have submitted in this section:

Click below to see contributions from other visitors:

I made this drawing wit tea and coffee as well as some paint

Wild horses 
Wild horses on the run

Black jaguar

Here is a strange wolf face. Do you know the folding a piece of paper in half, cutting out half of the shape you want to make, and opening it method? …

Shark Attack! 
AAAHHH!!! Shark attack!! It is okay, it is just a drawing. I hope you like my drawing.

Timmerman Owl 
This is a Timmerman owl because I go to Timmerman School, and our mascot is an owl. I hope you like my drawing!

Its a Drawing of a parakeet that i did for english but i decided to submit it

The wolf 
My favourite animals are chinchillas and wolves. I decided to draw a wolf since it is my favourite animal. I enjoy drawing cartoons, and basically it is …

my hippo is pretty much circles.

Random drawing i did in illustrator class. I thought it was cute. i didn't know how many legs a caterpillar had so i guessed lol.

this drawing i had drawn for by third year journal in 2009

the anime horse 
i hope u all enjoy my picture!

Red-Eyed Tree Frog 
I drew it by hand with only a pencil (i'm 11)

The Funny Butterfly 
Hello, I did this drawing with CorelDraw X3, take the idea of some drawings I saw on this site. I like this site and hope you like my drawing. See you …

my first coloured one

The Rider Monkey 
Once there lived a monkey named kapis .See...he is riding his tricycle..

Curious Penguin 
My second drawing made by looking at the picture of the penguin on this site. He came out quite good :-)

Remember Stuff Owl 
Using the tutorial on drawing owls as inspiration, I managed to make this owl who I might use as a mascot on my website. It was made in GIMP and I …

I used the tutorial to draw this but i added my own touches (like the teeth!) I actually traced the leaf though.

First drawing in the Gimp, not very pretty :)

Bunny looking at leaf 
A little bunny surprised by a falling leaf

Satirical Platypus 
Satirical Platypus is a platypus which I have created. I adapted him from a hand-drawn drawing which I also have. However I haven't sent this file. Instead …

Squirrel smelling a nut 
this was supposed to look realistic but kind of ended up looking 'cartoonish'. Hope ya like it ^.^

Talking about Wild animals,this one also wild.But a Prehistoric giant.I hope there is no problem to post any prehistoric animal.I like Dinosaurs. …

(graphic edited for layout purposes)

I drew this at night with a dim lamp hope you like it!!! PS. please comment and rate!!! (only 13 and drew it 1 year ago)

little tiger 
I´m a begginer in coreldraw X3 (I use for just one week) but whith help this great site i make my own tiger based on tiger of coloring pages. Thanks of …

Way Out Wolf 
A wild wolf who is really wild!

My Deer 
This picture was drawn using pencil only...I think every people are fond of this animal..

Panda Bear 
This is a really easy thing to draw, its all circles!!

Its a gorilla

Frog on a Log 
This is a drawing I did for a story I wrote about a frog in my back yard. Shirley Smothers

Elephant rear 
First draw a macoroni shape. Then add a half circle on top with some hair. add two butterfly-shaped ears. add some half circles to the macoroni …

Howling wolf 
This is a picture of a wolf howling.He is howling to the moon at night on a hill.

bob is da dolfin j+j=bffe

By:Maddy Connard

the mantis and the beetle Not rated yet
a tale

Silky sifaka Not rated yet
it is a lemur

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