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How to Draw A Cartoon Alligator from squares and dots

How To Draw A Cartoon Alligator From Squares And Dots

Learning to draw a cute cartoon alligator can be a challenging task. This ferocious animal is mostly made from complex shapes, lines and patterns. Fortunately, you can still draw a basic version made from simple shapes. Indeed, I will show you how to draw an alligator using triangles, squares and rectangles.

The best part is that even if this fun animal is only created using basic shapes and lines, it's still easily recognizable. So let's see how we can draw the cute character above in just a few minutes using just six accessible steps. Ready? Let's start now. :)

Adding the nose and the patch first

Let's proceed differently by adding the mouth of the creature using a medium rectangle. This one must be shown vertically. Below this shape, you can sketch a second rectangle. This same is approximately the same size, but slightly narrower.

How To Draw A Cartoon Alligator

working on the silhouette of the alligator

Next, you can draw the silhouette using a large rectangle. You can leave some space above the mouth, but the rectangle near the bottom should touch the larger rectangle. On top of the head, draw another thin rectangle. Finally, complete this step by drawing two additional rectangles on the bottom to form the feet.

How To Draw A Cartoon Alligator

polishing the silhouette and adding a pointed tail

The thin rectangle added on top of the head must be merged with the largest rectangle used to create the silhouette of the character. Once you are done, you can sketch a large tail behind the subject. This one is made from broken lines and the tip can be pointed.

How To Draw A Cartoon Alligator

adding simple details inside the cartoon alligator

This character is mostly made from sharp shapes like squares and rectangles. However, a few dots are needed to create the nose and the eyes. Notice that the small circles needed to form the eyes are slightly larger than the ones required for the nose.

Below the mouth, you can draw a few triangles to create the teeth. You can also use an irregular shape to form both feet. A few simple lines are also drawn inside these body parts.

How To Draw A Cartoon Alligator

Drawing short arms and a simple pattern

Inside the patch located on the chest, you can draw a simple pattern made of horizontal lines. Then, you can sketch two short arms made from broken lines. Small triangles are added below both arms. Nice work! This cartoon alligator is now completed. All we need to do is add some colors and we are done.

How To Draw A Cartoon Alligator

using gradients to complete this lesson

You can now use gradients to complete this tutorial. The animal is mostly filled with green colors. For the patch, a subtle beige color is used. The teeth are white and the eyes and black. Gradients can also help you create more depth inside the character. Notice how the bottom of most shape is now darker than the top.

How To Draw A Cartoon Alligator

Of course, you can use these tips to create more alligators. Don't hesitate to try new postures, new patterns or even draw various characters using these techniques. More cute alligators and crocodiles are available below. Remember to practice on a daily basis and enjoy! :)

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