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How to Draw Cartoon Aliens using cute circles

Drawing cartoon aliens is definitely a creative process. These fun creatures can be made with various shapes, sizes, features, textures and colors. Possibilities are endless. Of course, the most common representation is copied to the aliens that are (it seems) confined in area 51. This legendary base is also contributing to maintain this myth alive. Aliens sightings are also on the rise. Thousands of UFO's are reported each year.

You can start this lesson by taking a quick look at the video located below. You will learn how to draw an alien in just a few minutes using basic shapes and lines. Once you are finished, you can read more below to learn more tips and techniques related to this character.

Analyzing the character

Before learning how to draw aliens, let's see what we should expect from this lovely creature. Aliens usually have big black eyes (1). They also have long arms (2), four or five fingers (4) and a tiny waist. The feet are thin and long (6). Finally, notice the strange color of the skin: gray! This particular version is definitely fun and intriguing, but we will focus on a simpler illustration for this lesson.

How to Draw Cartoon Aliens

building our example from basic shapes

The shape of the alien is a little bit similar to the one of the zombie. Long arms and legs, small waist... the only major difference is the head. In this example, our little alien friend looks more like a human in gray. These creatures usually have a disproportionate head. The eyes are big, black and scary. You can try to draw this character using our template or proceed with fun cartoon aliens below.

How to Draw Cartoon Aliens

A fun cartoon alien made from basic shapes

Are you ready to learn how to draw an alien? OK! Let's start! First, draw an oval for the head and one for the body. Don't forget to draw the bottom of the head and the top of the body a little narrower. Then, draw two small legs and feet. Next, sketch some arms using rectangles. Draw the outline and then erase those shapes.

You can duplicate this shape to create the second arm. Inside the head, draw large eyes and small pupils using oval shapes. The character can be colored in gray. Gradients are used to create some depth and volume. Notice how both eyes are dark, but pupils are white.

How to Draw Cartoon Aliens

Nice work learning how to draw cartoon aliens!

Since we don't know how these creatures are made, you are only limited by your imagination. You can opt for the classic look (3) (4) or something more funny (2). Whatever you do, be creative and try anything... anything that you can think of! You can draw several arms, legs, eyes or play with colors, textures and digital effects. Have fun and please, if you really see an alien one day, take a good picture! The images on this page are cool, but nothing compares to the real thing!

How to Draw Cartoon Aliens

Looking for more aliens to draw? No problem! You can try one of the three different aliens also found on this site. Practicing on a daily basis is certainly a good idea if you want to improve your drawing skills quickly and easily. Enjoy and have fun drawing! :)

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