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how to draw a car clipart that looks adorable

How to draw a car clipart

Learn how to illustrate a car clipart using a cute video as well as a simple step-by-step drawing lesson filled with all the information you need to succeed. Cars are complex, but fun things to draw. You can work with vintage cars, sports cars or simple vehicles like the one found below. Although the object itself is pretty basic, the angle in which the automobile is shown represents the biggest challenge for this tutorial. Let's see how we can sketch a beautiful cartoon car like this one quickly and easily.

Sketching a car clipart using a fun video

The first thing you can do is watch the short video below to learn how this cool vehicle was created. All steps are shown in real-time making it easy to guide you through all steps required to complete this image. If you need more information, simply scroll down to have access to the written version.

How to draw a car in four easy steps

First, we need to create a basic template that will be used as a guideline. No need to add tons of details or sketch perfect shapes. All we want is a simple idea of the elements we need to draw in the final version. As you can see below, you will need to create a few oval shapes and some straight lines to complete this step successfully.

How to draw a car clipart

It's time to draw the car clipart! You can add details like the steering wheel, the handle, tires, bumpers, lights and the grill. Notice that a second line is needed on all wheels to create some depth. One of the wheel behind the vehicle is also hidden by the one located in front.

How to draw a car clipart

We can now erase all gray lines created earlier. Indeed, the template is no longer needed since the car is now drawn. It's fun to see that even if lines are not perfect, even if oval shapes are a little bit shaky, the car is still easily recognizable and visually appealing.

How to draw a car clipart

Colors are quite important to transform a somehow boring illustration into a work of art. For this example, I have selected a bright red color for the vehicle. The grill, the handle and the back light are also red, but darker. Both front lights are yellow and tires are filled with gray colors. Also, notice how two blue colors are used inside the window to create even more depth since the interior of the object is now visible.

How to draw a car clipart

why not draw more cars?

Below you can see all four steps required to end up with a cute cartoon car like the one available in this tutorial. Do you want to draw more cars? You can start by working on a similar concept here. If you prefer something slightly more challenging, then this vector car is perfect for you.

How to draw a car clipart

Finally, a more advanced lesson featuring a yellow Lamborghini is also available. Have fun drawing all these vehicles and don't forget to practice as often as possible. :)

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