Drawing Camping Cartoons using a beautiful background

Do you want to draw camping cartoons? Why not try this simple illustration filled with great digital effects! Camping is a nice activity if you love nature and don't mind sleeping in various conditions. This is not a good activity if you enjoy luxury, although some vehicles are now more luxurious than some houses!

In this lesson, I will show you how to create a simple illustration featuring a tent and a beautiful landscape. Are you ready to sketch?

Enjoy a license to use this illustration here

Step 1

Great! You can start by drawing the tent using mostly lines and triangles. Then, add a few lines to represent the grass, the river and the mountains. The moon is done with curved lines. You can also add a tree and some leaves.

Step 2

Next, add plain colors to the illustration. The moon must be white and the sky should be filled with a dark blue color. To make sure that the tent is easy to read, you can add a simple orange color to this one. The river is also blue (but you can select a different tone of blue) and the rest of the landscape is filled with brown and green colors.

Step 3

Using the gradient fill tool, add a second color to all shapes as shown below. Around the moon, you can use a circular fill. The green shapes can also be filled with a dark green color on the bottom and a brighter one on top. 

Step 4

On the tent you can draw four more additional shapes to create new shadows. The goal is to give more depth to the object. Make sure that these new elements are filled with a dark orange color. You can also play with the opacity of these shapes to create a subtle effect. 

Step 5

Now that darker shapes were added on the tent, you can draw brighter ones to create highlights. These new shapes can be filled with a white color and must be partially transparent. You can see the result in the next step. 

Step 6

Adding shadows to the landscape is also a good idea to give more volume to the illustration. Create new shapes below the tent, on the tree and on the mountains on the background. Use the same recipe as the one described in step number four. 

Step 7

In the sky, you can draw a few clouds using light blue shapes. You can also duplicate the mountain to create a reflection in the river (see the shape with a pink outline below. Finally, you can also draw the reflection of the moon on the river using curved lines.

Drawing camping cartoons: the result! 

In this final step, you can add some stars using simple white dots. Adding these dots manually can be long, but it's worth all the trouble. Nice work! Drawing camping cartoons is not as difficult as it seems!

Don't forget to practice often and you can also create your own illustration using new vehicles or even cartoon characters. Enjoy! :)

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