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How to Draw a Camel Icon using smooth rectangles

How to draw a camel icon

No need to take a trip into the desert to learn to draw a camel icon as beautiful and visually appealing as this one! Yes, you can now learn how to create this fun character in the form of an icon right here, right now! I will show you how to easily illustrate this desert animal using a few basic shapes and how to make it even more beautiful by adding more effects to it.

Camels are visually quite interesting to draw. These animals have long and thin legs, a round body, a huge hump on the back as well as a mane on top of this one. Ears are often round and simple to create, just like the nose which is done using simple lines. Ready? Let's draw this animal now!

Step 1

First, let's draw the head and the body using simple elements. The head must be done using a square made from round corners. The body is represented by a rectangle also drawn using round corners. Once you are done, you can proceed to the next step.

How to draw a camel icon

Step 2

Next, you can add a huge hump on the back of the animal using a long curved line that must be narrower on top. Below the body, draw four legs made from rectangles as shown in the illustration below. Good work! Let's work on the face now!

How to draw a camel icon

Step 3

On top of the head, draw two large ears using oval shapes. Inside the head, draw the jaw using a long straight line. The nose is represented by three small lines. Finally, complete this step by sketching the eyes and the pupils using circles.

How to draw a camel icon

Step 4

On the hump, draw a mane using small triangular shapes. The tail is made from a long rectangle (made from curved lines) and a small oval shape near the end. Complete this step by drawing the hooves using small rectangles made from pointed lines.

How to draw a camel icon

Step 5

It's time to add colors! You can use a light brown color for the body and the head. The hooves, the tip of the tail and the hump are filled with a saturated brown color. The area near the jaw is brighter. The pupils can be black while the eyes are white.

How to draw a camel icon

Adding strokes is fine, but ...

Did you noticed that this camel icon was not made with strokes? There is a good reason for that. Our goal was to illustrate an icon, not a cartoon character. Adding strokes and outlines can only make this image more "cartoonish" which is not what we are looking for. 

How to draw a camel icon

Changing the color of these strokes won't help!

Maybe we can have something more relevant if we modify these black strokes and add colors? No. It's still a cartoon camel that looks funnier and more childish (which is not bad, but it's simply not what we want for now). Let's remove these outlines. :)

How to draw a camel icon

Adding a small bevel effect

Do you think our camel looks more iconic with a small bevel around it? Maybe, maybe not. Adding digital effects can be fun, but does it really help us achieved our goal? Can't say for sure! :)

How to draw a camel icon

How about an outline all around the character?

What is the difference between this outline and the previous ones? Simple! In the previous step, all shapes were surrounded by an outline. In this case, the outline was added around the entire illustration, not around individual shapes.

How to draw a camel icon

Good work creating a camel icon! :)

What you need to remember when creating a camel icon (or any other icon) is the fact that this illustration must remain as simple as possible. Icons are not filled with details, digital effects or even strokes. Keep it simple.

How to draw a camel icon

You can see all steps required to draw this camel above and please feel free to try more characters from the same series here. :)

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