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How to Draw a Camel Clipart using cute rectangles

How to Draw a Camel Clipart

Illustrating a camel clipart can be a difficult exercise. Fortunately, this is not the case here when using this simple tutorial made from simple elements. This animal can be a challenging one to create since most shapes are usually irregular and not really conventional. This tutorial will help you draw a simpler version using circles and rectangles.

You can see above the final version made from basic shapes and colors. Some elements are partially (or completely) hidden and are not visible. This is the case for the back legs and the tail. Are you ready to work on this cute illustration? Cool! Let's proceed with the first step now! :)

Step 1

You can start this tutorial by creating the body and head of the cartoon camel using a single rectangle. Make sure the outline is thick and easy to read. Once you are done with this shape, you can add both ears using circular shapes as shown in the picture below. 

How to Draw a Camel Clipart

Step 2

Next, draw the hump using a long circular line. On top of the hump, draw some hair using mostly triangles and broken lines. On the bottom of the rectangle, sketch two small rectangles to form the hooves. Small lines are also added to illustrate the legs of the animal. Make sure the legs are small and narrow. 

How to Draw a Camel Clipart

Step 3

Great work! It's now time to add some elements inside the head of the cartoon camel. Draw two large circular shapes to represent the eyes, The pupils are also made from small circular shapes.

Below the eyes, you can draw the nose and mouth using a thin rectangle with round corners. Complete this part of the body by adding two small pointed lines. 

How to Draw a Camel Clipart

Step 4

You can add colors inside the cartoon character using mostly brown colors. I also like to change the color of all outlines using something similar (but darker) to the color found inside the illustration). That's it! This cute camel clipart is now finished! 

How to Draw a Camel Clipart

Nice job drawing a cool camel clipart! :)

These are all steps needed to draw this fun animal. Don't forget to create your own version using basic shapes too, One you are comfortable with this version of the character, try drawing a more complex version until you are able to draw a more realistic version of a camel.

How to Draw a Camel Clipart

Have fun with this tutorial and don't hesitate to draw more animals from the same series! :)

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