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How to create a Butterfly Sketch using fun examples

Do you need inspiration to create the perfect butterfly sketch? Do you need a few tips to illustrate the best cartoon butterfly possible? Don't worry! I have a few examples for you to help you unleash your creativity.

No matter what is your style or how you want to draw these fun characters, I will show you through eight different examples how to draw the perfect butterfly that can easily be adapted to your style.

Simple version to start with

The great thing about cartoon characters is that they don't need to be complex to be effective. Using only an oval shape and a few circles, you can illustrate this fun animal in just two minutes. You can play with sizes and shapes to end up with a different result.

butterfly sketch

Still simple, but with more details and patterns

This fun version of a butterfly is also quite easy to achieve. This time, the eyes are more detailed, patterns can be seen on the wings and the shapes are more complex.

butterfly sketch

Dark eyes and a longer body

A fun version with black eyes and wings made from irregular shapes. Also, the body is separated in two different elements. Once again, you can use this template and change a few things to adapt this butterfly sketch to your own style.

butterfly sketch

A side view to make things more interesting

For a more dynamic result, you can also draw your butterfly from a side view. The head is now part of the body (although the shape is different) and wings are more precise, more realistic. Adding large big eyes is also a great alternative.

butterfly sketch

One more version before trying something different

In this version of our cartoon butterfly, the head is larger and eyes are slightly coming out of the head. The body is made from one long single shape and the wings are simple and smaller. Adding large pupils also gives an interesting result.

butterfly sketch

A more aggressive butterfly

This version is more extreme. Wings are pointed and most shapes are made from triangles, rectangles or squares. Although this version is not representative of the real insect, it is still easy to recognize.

The head and the body in one single shape

Why not use a single oval shape to illustrate the body and the head? Simply draw two large eyes and that's it! Now we have a cute character with small wings and a nice design. Perfect if you need to draw a kid's version.

butterfly sketch

Larger body and smaller wings

In this illustration, the body is made from a single oval shape and the wings are smaller than usual. Adding large eyes and a long smile delivers a fun character to work with. Good job!

Don't hesitate to play around with your butterfly sketch. Try new things, add more elements, change the patterns ... you are the boss. Just draw as many versions as needed and unleash your creativity. You can also try more butterflies below. Enjoy! :)

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