how to draw a bunny pictures & video

Create fun bunny pictures using this simple tutorial featuring a video lesson as well as a written version. I will show you how to illustrate a lovable cartoon character like the one found below using mostly basic circles, rectangles and curved lines. Bunnies are easy to sketch since they have unique features like long ears, huge teeth and thin whiskers. Ready to work on this beautiful animal? Cool! Let's proceed with the video lesson now! :)

How to draw a bunny (pictures & video)

a nice video to begin with

You can start working on this character by taking a look at the video located below. This one is featuring the whole process needed to end up with this cartoon bunny using basic shapes and lines. If you need more information about this character, simply scroll down a little bit more to enjoy the written version of this tutorial filled with comments and useful tips. 

How to draw this bunny quickly and easily

You can begin with the creation of basic shapes to form a simple template. These guidelines are needed so that we can end up with accurate proportions. Circles are needed to form the body, the head and the nose of the character. Ears and eyes are made from oval shapes. Rectangles and triangles are used to represent the teeth, the arms and the tail of the rabbit.

How to draw a bunny (pictures & video)

It's now time to draw the bunny using the template as a reference. In this illustration, the head is facing the camera while the body is shown from a side view. You can also draw the eyes, the nose, the teeth, the whiskers and the patches inside the ears. The tail is made from two or three different lines and the back leg is large and created using thick lines.

How to draw a bunny (pictures & video)

This is how the character should look like once all gray lines are removed. This is a good example that you don't need to sketch complex shapes, lines and patterns to end up with a recognizable version of a bunny. Once you are finished, you can proceed to the last step: adding plain colors.

How to draw a bunny (pictures & video)

For this tutorial, the animal was filled with a bright pink color. The patches found inside the ears as well as the leg and arm located on the far side of the illustration are darker. The nose and the eyes are even darker as shown below. The tail, the teeth and the patch found on the chest are colored in gray.

How to draw a bunny (pictures & video)

Nice bunny pictures are easy to create!

It's now time to draw more cute bunny pictures using these tips and try a few basic things! Indeed, you can modify the color of the character, change the posture, use thinner or thicker lines, try new shapes and change the facial expression. Just have fun drawing, be creative and enjoy the moment! :)

How to draw a bunny (pictures & video)

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