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Sketching a bunny illustration filled with basic textures

Sketching a bunny illustration

Sketch and draw a beautiful bunny illustration purely created from lines, small dots and filled with plain colors. In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to work on a character that is irregular, visually appealing and drawn using basic elements.

Bunnies are quite interesting to depict. Easily recognizable with their long oval ears and small nose made from a circular shape, these animals are simply adorable. Enough talking and let's do the drawing!

Step 1

It's a good idea to draw a few basic shapes to help us create this cartoon character more easily. You can start by sketching a large circle to form the head. Then, draw two oval shapes to illustrate the ears. The body is made from a small square and the legs and feet are made from oval shapes.

Sketching a bunny illustration

Step 2

Now that we have a simple template to work with, let's draw a few lines to create the character itself. As you can see below, I have used a bunch of small pointed lines to represent the various parts of the bunny. Once this step is completed, you can erase the basic shapes filled with an orange outline.

Sketching a bunny illustration

Step 3

Inside the head, draw the eyes, the nose and the mouth of the bunny illustration using more simple lines. You can also draw two small teeth below the mouth as shown on the image below.

Sketching a bunny illustration

Step 4

A few more details are needed before proceeding with colors and textures. Inside both ears, draw a small thin line to represent a patch. Smaller lines are also added inside the front legs and back legs to complete this character. 

Sketching a bunny illustration

Step 5

It's now time to add some colors! A cute bunny illustration like this one should definitely be filled with a light pink color. The eyes and the nose can also be filled with the same color, but slightly darker. On the other hand, patches inside the ears can be lighter.

Sketching a bunny illustration

Step 6

Dark outlines are fine, but it's even more interesting when all strokes are filled with various colors. A good technique to use is to select the same color used to fill in the character, only darker. See how the image below feels warmer and more appealing compared to the previous one?

Sketching a bunny illustration

Step 7

Another simple tip you can use to make this drawing visually more interesting is to add simple shadows inside the cartoon bunny. You can apply these elements inside the ears, the head, the pupils, the nose, the legs and the body.

Sketching a bunny illustration

Step 8

One last addition that could be nice would be to sketch some texture inside the character. No need to draw complex shapes and colors! Just a few lines is more than enough to create something visually exciting. 

Sketching a bunny illustration

Step 9

This is the final version once all steps above are completed. The result is a nice bunny that looks cute and genuine since it was created using small irregular lines instead of long perfect lines.

Sketching a bunny illustration

This cute bunny illustration is now finished!

Excellent work! Below you can see all steps grouped into a single illustration.

Sketching a bunny illustration

Don't hesitate to try more characters from the same series here. You can also try to add more textures, more details on this cartoon bunny or simply draw something completely different and more personalized! Enjoy! :)

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