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how to draw a bunny icon using simple fun shapes

How to draw a bunny icon

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a bunny icon made from simple shapes (that are drawn without outlines) and filled with plain colors. You will also have the opportunity to see how this colorful icon can look like when other digital effects are applied to the illustration.

Bunnies are fun animals to work with. You can easily draw this adorable cartoon animal using mostly circles and oval shapes. Then, simply add a few lines to create whiskers, a tiny nose, two teeth and you are done! Let's see how we can create this animal in just five basic steps ...

Step 1

First, let's create a template that will be used to help us draw the cartoon animal. You can start by sketching the head using a large circle. The body is done using a rectangle. Small rectangles are also used to form the arms and the legs. Finally, you can sketch the hands and feet using smaller oval shapes.

How to draw a bunny icon

Step 2

Once you are finished, you can start illustrating this character using long curved lines. Notice how thumbs are made from smaller circles and how the feet are created from rounded outlines. When you are finished creating all parts of the character, you can erase the orange shapes used to create the guideline.

How to draw a bunny icon

Step 3

On top of the head, draw both ears using long (very long) oval shapes. Inside the head, draw the eyes and the pupils with small circles. The nose is represented by a small oval shape. The mouth is made from a tiny curved line. On the stomach, draw a patch and complete this illustration by creating the tail.

How to draw a bunny icon

Step 4

Cool! This bunny icon is already visually quite impressive! Complete the drawing part of this lesson by adding large patches inside the ears. Next, create some whiskers using long curved lines. Finally, draw a large patch around the mouth as shown in the illustration below.

How to draw a bunny icon

Step 5

It's time to add colors to make this cute illustration even more visually fascinating. In this case, I have selected a dark blue color. Creating a white bunny would not be a good idea in this case since the background is white and the character doesn't have any outlines. 

How to draw a bunny icon

Outlines are cool, but not always relevant!

Icons need to be as simple as possible to be effective. Adding outlines to this illustration is not relevant. The drawing looks like a cartoon bunny, something we are definitely not looking for. Yes, the original version is also quite cartoonish, but adding outlines only make things worse.

How to draw a bunny icon

Adding a large outline around the character can be nice!

In this case, an outline can create a nice effect and keep the "icon" look we are searching for. Notice that all shapes don't have outlines, is just the whole character that is surrounded by a large and thick line.

How to draw a bunny icon

Why not create a little bit of depth!

For this last example, a bevel effect was added to the illustration. Does it make this illustration even more "iconic". Absolutely not, but the result is still very interesting. Somehow, this animal now seems solid and almost made from plastic. Pretty cool!

How to draw a bunny icon

Good job drawing a bunny icon!

These are all steps required to draw the bunny icon in just five easy steps. As you can see, this drawing lesson is very easy to achieved even for beginners and young artists.

How to draw a bunny icon

Have fun drawing this cute bunny and feel free to try more characters from the same series here. Additional bunnies and rabbits are also available below. :)

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