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how to draw a bulldog clip art using tons of examples

How To Draw A Bulldog Clip Art Using Tons Of Examples

In this series, you can learn to draw a bulldog clip art using a wide selection of simple tutorials filled with adorable characters. I will show you how to illustrate this feared animal using mostly basic shapes like rectangles, circles and triangles. One character is also drawn using a more complex posture while another one is filled with basic textures.

Bulldogs are fascinating creatures. These muscular animals are often depicted as being aggressive, hard to contain and dangerous. Others say that bulldogs are not dangerous, only negligent owners are. Like most things in life, the truth can probably be found somewhere in the middle. It's true that some dogs might be more prompt with aggressive behaviors, but having a respectful owner certainly helps.

Let's start with a cute version made from curved lines

Our first sample is featuring a basic character mostly made from circles and curved lines. To learn how to draw a bulldog like this one, you need to start by adding a head using a circle. The body is made from a rectangle and all four legs are created with curved lines.

Inside the head, you can use large circles to represent the eyes and pupils. The nose and the ears must be tiny. The mouth is done using a large curved line and teeth are created using triangles. This character is filled with gray colors.

How To Draw A Bulldog Clip Art

Using mostly rectangles and triangles

For this next character, you will see that drawing cartoon bulldogs using rectangles and triangles can easily be done. Sure, you won't end up with a realistic version of the character, but this one is still fun and appealing. Start by sketching the body and all four legs using rectangles.

Ears are made from tiny triangles. Next, draw the eyes using dots and the nose using another triangle. Small circles are required to form the collar. Complete this basic tutorial by creating the teeth and the claws using more short triangles. Gradients can also be added inside the character.

How To Draw A Bulldog Clip Art

An interesting mix of basic shapes

I really like this next bulldog clipart because all we have learned so far can be seen in this illustration. First, the body is made from a large rectangle. Perfect circles are used to form the eyes and pupils. Long eyebrows are sketched above the eyes. The nose is large and made from an irregular shape.

Small triangles are used to represent the teeth. The collar is made from multiple shapes. Notice how the head of the character is much longer than the body. A little bit of blue is added around the pupils to increase the level of cuteness. Nice work! Drawing an adorable bulldog clip art can be easy!

How To Draw A Bulldog Clip Art

An impressive collar made from sharp triangles

Let's keep creating cartoon bulldogs using large basic shapes for this other lesson. The posture of this creature is the same, but the location and the size of the collar will be different. You can start this lesson by sketching multiple shapes to illustrate the head and the jaw of the animal. Next, draw a large circular shape around the face.

Add large spikes using triangles. Notice how the face and the jaw are filled with more details compared to all versions created previously. The body and legs can be short and thick. Once you are done, simply add basic colors to enjoy a nice bulldog that looks amazing.

How To Draw A Bulldog Clip Art

Playing with basic colors and textures

In this other version of a bulldog illustration, the character is still created using simple basic shapes. However, the silhouette of the animal is now done using several short straight lines. Eyes are made from large dots and the nose is sketched using a tiny triangle. Notice the simple patch added above the mouth.

In the seventh step, shadows made from slightly darker shapes are drawn on the left side of the character. A simple texture made from tiny lines is applied inside the picture. Nice work! Another cool bulldog clip art was created!

How To Draw A Bulldog Clip Art

Let's work on a different posture for this bulldog clip art

So far, all versions created were using a basic front view. In this lesson, you will learn how to draw an illustration of a bulldog from a small angle. In the first step, sketched large circles and rectangles to form a template. Use this one to draw the silhouette of the animal. Make sure that ears are small and made from basic curved lines.

Small bumps are also visible on the back of the bulldog. Legs are large and also created from curved lines. Make sure the face is filled with tiny pupils, a large nose and a big open mouth. Several teeth are also visible.

How To Draw A Bulldog Clip Art

Learning how to draw a bulldog clip art can be done using a wide variety of techniques. You can use basic shapes like circles and rectangles or draw more complex characters like the one found above. Keep practicing as much as possible and have fun!

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