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Creating Bull Drawings filled with amazing digital effects

Creating Bull Drawings Filled With Amazing Digital Effects

It's now time to create nice bull drawings using all your knowledge, a pencil and a fun vector application! In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a nice cartoon bull filled with great textures and shadows. From sketching to vector drawing, see the simple process of creating a nice complex illustration from a blank piece of paper.

The bull is not an easy animal to draw, but it can be very interesting. You need to create a large head, a strong body and tiny legs to come up with something plausible. I like to use rough shapes like rectangles or triangles to create this cartoon character. Let's see how I created this animal.

Step 1

Bull drawings

First, you need to sketch the basic shape of the body. As you can see, the back of the character is large and pointed while the back leg is strong and tiny on the bottom. For now, the top of the head is rounded and a small line is added to create the front leg.

Step 2

Bull drawings

Move on with the horns, the front legs, the bottom part of the back legs and the legs on the opposite side of the cartoon character. 

Step 3

Bull drawings

Now it's time to complete the sketching by adding details like the tail, the head and the eyes. For the tail, you can create a long and thin shape with a small oval shape on the bottom. For the eyes, I like to create an angry look for the character. Good bull drawings require a rectangle mouth, two small circles for the nose and a few black lines right below the eyes.

Step 4

Bull drawings

Once you are finished with the previous step, open your vector application and select the drawing tool. Instead of creating shapes with outlines, I prefer to create separate outlines with various width. Later, I will add solid shapes below these lines. Start with the body of your character.

Step 5

Bull drawings

Continue working on your bull drawings with the addition of lines to create all visible parts of the cartoon animal. Precision is important, but a little bit of irregularity can create an illustration with more style and appeal. Just don't add too much fantasy or everything will look weird.

Step 6

Bull drawings

Great! Now let's create a few solid shapes and add plain colors. You will need different shapes for the horns, the eyes, the mouth, the body, the tail, the tip of the tail and the legs that are on the opposite side of the illustration.

Step 7

Bull drawings

A simple trick to add instant shadows to all your bull drawings is to use the gradient tool. Every good vector software comes with such a tool. You can add a darker area below the body, on the bottom part of the horns and below the mouth. You can also work on the tail and the legs on the opposite side of the illustration.

Step 8

Bull drawings

The gradient tool is great, but it cannot apply shadows on small areas. To do so, you need to create new shapes and use a little bit of imagination. Create a new shape on top of the head, below the body and on each leg.

Step 9

Bull drawings

Once this part is over, select the transparency tool and hide the top part of all shapes created in the previous step. As you can see, the result is already better. You can repeat this process as long as needed to create new shadows all over the place.

Step 10

Bull drawings

However, you can also duplicate this technique to form lighter shapes that can be used to create reflections. On your bull drawings, create three large (and irregular) shapes on the back of the bull and on each leg.

Step 11

Bull drawings

Once again, select the transparency tool and hide the top part of all shapes created previously. Great! We can already see that the character starts to look more real, more realistic. It's not a character made from 3D shapes, but it does look more interesting than a simple 2D illustration.

Step 12

Bull drawings

The changes here might be subtle, but they are important. Dark shapes are added on top of the tail and near both legs. These new shapes are crucial to give of deeper sense of depth to the cartoon character.

Step 13

Bull drawings

Just like we did on the previous bull drawings, select the transparency tool and hide the exposed section of each shape. Unlike previous added shapes that were almost 100% hidden, these new shadows can be more visible. The contrast between these dark areas and the lighter ones is perfect.

Step 14

Bull drawings

Finally, let's work on the head of the cartoon bull. Create new shapes on the horns, below the mouth, near the eyes and under the right horn. It doesn't matter if the long shape below the right horn is not pointed like a real horn because this part will be hidden in the next step.

Step 15

Bull drawings

Select the transparency tool and hide these new shapes partially to create our last shadows. As you can see, the result is not a super realistic bull, but it's nice enough to be more challenging than a standard 2D illustration. I hope you had fun working on these bull drawings and don't hesitate to try more characters below.

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