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How to Draw a Bull Clipart using perfect rectangles

How to Draw a Bull Clipart

If you are looking to create a simple bull clipart using basic elements and shapes, then this tutorial is for you! Created for beginners, this simple drawing lesson can be done within minutes by virtually anyone who can hold a pencil. As long as you can draw rectangles, circles and a few curved lines, then you will be fine.

Above you can see the final bull once all shapes are drawn and colors are applied. Your goal is to come up with a similar version and then try more cartoon bulls using your own style and different shapes. Are you ready to draw? Let's start this lesson now! :)

Step 1

Let's create the head and the body first using a simple rectangle made with pointed corners. Don't make this rectangle too thin! After all, we are working on a huge cartoon bull, so this one must look impressive. Next, work on the horns using curved lines and triangles. When you are finished, proceed to the second step. 

How to Draw a Bull Clipart

Step 2

In this step, you can draw two small rectangles on the bottom of the illustration to represent the front hooves of the animals. Small pointed lines are added above these rectangles to illustrate the legs of the cartoon character. 

How to Draw a Bull Clipart

Step 3

It's now time to add facial features like the eyes, the nose and the mouth. First, let's sketch the eyes using large circular shapes. The pupils are also done with small circles. Notice how the eyes are partially hidden on both sides.

The mouth and jaw are done using a small rectangular shape with round corners. Inside this shape, you can draw small oval shapes that are used to form the nose of this cartoon bull. 

How to Draw a Bull Clipart

Step 4

Finally, you can add colors inside this illustration. I prefer to use plain colors instead of adding complex gradient effects. The body and head are filled with a dark brown color. The same color can be used inside the pupils.

The horns and the eyes are white while the jaw and mouth are filled with a light brown color. You can also change the color of the outlines. Instead of using a black color, outlines can be colored in brown. 

How to Draw a Bull Clipart

Great! This fun bull clipart is alive and adorable!

This is it! Below you can see all four steps required to end up with a fun bull clipart like the one found above. Don't hesitate to create your own version of this adorable character and have fun.

How to Draw a Bull Clipart

More cool cartoon bulls are available below. :)

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