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how to draw a bull clipart that looks angry (and cute)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple bull clip art using a few basic shapes, complex lines and fun digital effects. This lesson is a little bit challenging if you are not use to draw such a character. Indeed, bulls have a very distinct body and head. Of course, our job as cartoonists is to exaggerate these original body parts.

How to draw a bull clip art

Before proceeding with the creation of the template as well as the step-by-step drawing lesson, let's take a few minutes to see how this character is built and what details we should be aware of when drawing a simple cartoon bull.

  1. Large horns made from pointed triangles are mandatory.
  2. The back of the animal is large, strong and impressive.
  3. You can use long curved lines to illustrate the tail of the character.
  4. The butt is made from a perfect curved line.
  5. Study the shape of the back leg carefully. This one is quite particular.
  6. Hooves are dark, made from broken lines and filled with simple highlights.
  7. The body is drawn using a large oval shape.
  8. The mouth is closed and hidden below the nose.
  9. Two large oval shapes are needed to complete this part of the body.
  10. Eyes are made from curved lines and pretty intimidating.

Excellent! Are you ready to learn how to create this adorable creature! ;)

step 1 - creating a simple guideline

Using simple basic shapes, let's create a template to help us sketch accurate proportions. First, draw a large oval shape to form the body. Then, create the head and the back of the cartoon bull using solid rectangles. The nose is also represented by a small rectangle. The tail is done using a long curved line and the legs are made from thin (but long) rectangles.

How to draw a bull clip art

step 2 - adding lines to create the character

It's time to draw our cute bull clip art! Be careful while drawing this character since many areas must be perfect to help us create the perfect bull. Horns must be large and pointed, the back should be large and made from two lines, the nose is shaped like a fat heart and the back leg is made from broken lines. 

Once you are done drawing the animal, you can erase all orange shapes created earlier.

How to draw a bull clip art

step 3 - Sketching the eyes, the nose and a few details

We can now work inside the head of the creature using a few short curved lines. Let's start by adding the eyes and the pupils using circles. Two small lines on top of the head can be used to illustrate the forehead. One additional line is added on the right of the eyes to form the missing cheek. Finally, two large oval shapes are used to complete the nose.

How to draw a bull clip art

step 4 - Colors are important!

A black and white illustration can be nice, but it's always fun to add colors too! In this case, a light brown color is added inside the body, the head and the legs located in front. Legs found on the back can be darker, just like the tail of the bull clip art. The pupils, the nostrils and the hooves can be filled in black. The horns and the eyes are white. Finally, why not add some colors inside the strokes to make the image even more interesting.

How to draw a bull clip art

step 5 - gradient colors to add depth and volume

Using the gradient fill tool found in your application, you can also add more depth and volume to the cartoon animal by adding a second color inside each element. For instance, the bottom of the tail can be darker while the top is brighter. Using this simple technique is fun and easy to create a more appealing illustration.

How to draw a bull clip art

step 6 - drawing more shadows manually

Using the gradient fill tool to add shadows is cool, but it's also important to draw more shadows manually on the character to create more contrast, more depth into this image. All areas that must be filled with additional shadows can be seen below. Don't forget to add transparency to make these new elements barely visible. Otherwise, this cool and simple effect won't work properly.

How to draw a bull clip art

step 7 - highlights to create even more depth

So far we have drawn the character, applied some colors (using the gradient fill tool) and created additional shapes. It's now time to go another step further by sketching more shapes to form some highlights. What are highlights? These new elements are simply brighter areas that are mostly located on top of the character. Once again, make sure the result is subtle using some transparency inside these new shapes.

How to draw a bull clip art

A beautiful bull clip art is the result!

This is our bull clip art once all digital effects are applied. See how these additional shadows and highlights are adding volume inside a simple illustration that would be boring otherwise. 

How to draw a bull clip art

Have fun drawing more bulls like this one!

It's now time to practice over and over again using this lesson or more tutorials from the same series. Study each character carefully, draw all the basic shapes you need to create cool templates and add beautiful saturated colors to bring all these amazing characters to life.

How to draw a bull clip art

Of course, it's also a good idea to draw more animals like this one using your own style. Just draw and have fun! :)

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