Bull Cartoon (Advance Vector Tutorial)

Learn how to draw a ferocious bull cartoon illustration in this easy step-by-step drawing lesson. The final result will be created with shapes of colors and no part of the animal is drawn using an outline. Of course, you need to own a vector software to create all the gradient and transparency effects required for this tutorial.

This cartoon character is quite easy to draw, but adding nice colors and shadows to enhance the image is more difficult to achieve. In this simple drawing lesson, I will show you how to add simple effects on the body, the head and the horns to create a nice looking character with a fake 3D look.

Important note: For each step available below, the first image represents the operation you must perform for this particular step. All changes are surrounded by a red outline. On the second image, you will have the opportunity to see the result of this particular step.

You can start with the video lesson below. The written version is available after the video.

Step 1

Bull cartoon
Bull cartoon

In the first step, create the shape of the bull cartoon. You can use black outlines for this particular step. Then, add basic colors on all parts of the animal like shown in the image above. You don't need to pick the right colors for now.

Step 2

Bull cartoon
Bull cartoon

Select your gradient tool and apply a simple effect on the body, the tail and the legs of your cartoon animal. Make sure that all bottom parts are darker than the top ones for all shapes. I also select similar colors for the top of the body and the top of the tail to make sure that both are blending properly.

Step 3

Bull cartoon
Bull cartoon

For the third step, select your gradient tool once again and apply the effect on the horns, the eyes and the nose. For the horns, use a linear fill and apply some grey on the bottom. For the eyes, use the same colors, but choose a circular fill. The center should be white.

Step 4

Bull cartoon
Bull cartoon

Nice! It's now time to work on the face of the bull cartoon. Create a large square similar to the shape of the head and reduce it a little. Then, apply a darker color on the bottom and use the transparency tool to hide the top of the shape.

Create circles on the eye, the pupil and around the eye. Both shape inside the eye should be white and transparent on top. The shape around the eye should be darker than the head and also transparent on top.

Step 5

Bull cartoon
Bull cartoon

In the fifth step, add some white shapes on the hooves. These shapes should be smaller than the hooves and colored in white. You can also add transparency on top of each of these new shapes.

Create two shapes like shown above to create the jaw and the back leg. The bottom of each shape should be dark while transparency can be added on top.

Step 6

Bull cartoon
Bull cartoon

Next, duplicate the horns and reduce these new shapes a little bit. The top should be white and bright. Use the transparency tool to hide the bottom of each shape. Repeat the same process on the nose.

Finally, create another shape on the back of the bull cartoon and add some dark colors on top of this new shape. Once again, use the transparency tool to hide the bottom part.

Step 7

Bull cartoon
Bull cartoon

In the last step, create similar shapes for the horns and the nose, but this time, make the bottom dark and the top transparent. Create a light shape on the back leg and the tail to create some reflection.

You can also add a rectangle colored with a dark brown tone to give more depth to the left horn. Make sure that the bottom part is transparent. Great! You are done with this cartoon bull!

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