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how to draw a breakfast clip art using fun lessons

How To Draw A Breakfast Clip Art Using Fun Lessons

Learning to draw a breakfast clip art requires to create several delicious cartoon food. In this series, you will have the opportunity to illustrate tons of fun illustrations like a bacon, cheese, a bagel, bread and even yogurt. All you need to wake up satisfied can be found in this collection.

Some tutorials are easier to achieve than others. For instance, the bacon and the cheese are mostly made from basic shapes and filled with plain colors. On the other hand, the bagel and the waffle are also made from simple elements, but complex shadows and reflections are needed to complete the lesson.

drawing bacon using a simple rectangle

You can start this series by creating a basic cartoon bacon using a long and thin rectangle. Once this shape is created, work on the silhouette using curved lines. Inside the subject, sketch basic patterns using more irregular shapes. Complete this lesson by adding plain colors. Of course, just one slice of bacon is not enough. It can be a good idea to draw more slices!

How To Draw A Breakfast Clip Art

sketching cheese using more basic shapes

Sketching a simple cartoon cheese can also be done using only basic elements. This lesson can also be drawn using a simple perspective. Start by creating the silhouette using a rectangle and a triangle. Then, draw multiple small holes inside the food using circles. More lines are needed to form the depth. Once you are done creating the cheese, add basic colors and enjoy the result!

How To Draw A Breakfast Clip Art

Let's draw a beautiful egg using basic effects

This next lesson is featuring a beautiful cartoon egg made from a large rectangle and a simple oval shape. Once the rectangle is created, you can use this shape to work on the silhouette of the subject. Then, you can add simple lines and circles inside the yolk to create some depth and volume. Only the yolk is filled with a bright yellow color. The rest of the subject is colored in gray.

How To Draw A Breakfast Clip Art

it's time to wake up! It's time to draw coffee!

Drawing coffee can be difficult. That's why this lesson is also focusing on creating a complete cup of coffee, not just the liquid itself. First, you can draw a large rectangle and small oval shape. Draw a second oval inside the original one.

Combine all shapes to form the cup. Then, sketch another oval shape on top to create the opening. Make sure the new addition is pointed on both sides. Add some reflections on the left side and apply plain colors. Nice work! We have more items to help us draw a breakfast clip art.

How To Draw A Breakfast Clip Art

working on ham using simple textures

Let's increase the level of difficulty a little bit by sketching a cartoon ham using some perspective. You can do so by drawing an oval shape and one irregular rectangle. Near the end of the subject, sketch a bone using short circles. Inside the ham, you can draw textures using a few weird shapes and basic curved lines. This delicious food can be filled with plain colors. Adding basic textures really make this illustration even more appealing.

How To Draw A Breakfast Clip Art

Creating a complex waffle filled with details

The next lesson is definitely not for everyone. If you want to create a simple breakfast clip art, then you can skip this tutorial on how to draw a waffle using complex shapes. As you can see below, the structure of the subject is done using triangles and a large circle. Depth is added below the main shape using long curved lines.

Inside the waffle, you can draw several small holes made from squares. Don't forget that waffles are made from four separate sides. Using different variation of the same color (brown), you can create volume inside the illustration without using shadows.

How To Draw A Breakfast Clip Art

making bread using lines and textures

It's time to learn how to draw bread using long curved lines and simple textures. Once again, the subject is drawn using a subtle perspective. Then, gradients are added to create some depth. The bottom of the subject should be darker than the top.

Next, you can draw subtle shadows and highlights using new shapes. These new additions must be partially transparent. Finally, a nice texture made from tiny dots is created on the bread. This food is crucial to create a delicious breakfast clip art, so be sure to draw a nice bread! ;)

How To Draw A Breakfast Clip Art

breakfast clip art also needs a bagel!

Sketching this cartoon bagel requires a similar process. Just like the bread, you need to add gradients and sketch subtle shadows and reflections to create a nice image. We also need to draw simple textures made from tiny shapes on top of the subject. Unlike the bread, the silhouette is made from large oval shapes. A small hole must be added inside the bagel clip art.

How To Draw A Breakfast Clip Art

a splendid yogurt to conclude this series

One last thing we can draw to complete this series on how to draw a breakfast clip art is a delicious cartoon yogurt. This fun illustration is filled with complex challenges. Indeed, this yogurt is drawn using a perspective and shadows are added all over the drawing. Reflections are also created using smooth shapes and all outlines are removed in the final picture.

How To Draw A Breakfast Clip Art

I hope this series on how to draw a breakfast clip art featuring delicious food was fun. You can draw more items using cool cartoon food found here. Don't forget to practice as often as possible and feel free to sketch your own versions.

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