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How to draw a boy clipart made from basic shapes

How To Draw A Boy Clipart

Learn how to create a colorful boy clipart using simple squares, rectangles and circles. In this simple lesson, you will learn how to draw a cartoon boy using basic elements. Some simple details are added to the character (like a cap and some stripes on the shirt) to make sure this boy is easily recognizable.

Feel free to use a vector application to create this illustration or simply use a good old pencil to make this lesson even more rewarding. Ready? Let's start the creation of this character now. :)

Step 1

First, draw a large square to represent the head of the character. Then, create the body and the legs using small rectangles. When you are done, you can draw some features inside the head of the boy. You can start with the eyes that are made from circular shapes. Pupils are also made from small circles. Continue by drawing the mouth using a long curved line. Complete this step with the addition of both ears. Great! Let's proceed to the second step.

How To Draw A Boy Clipart

Step 2

On both sides of the body, draw the arms using small and thin rectangles. Hands are illustrated with small circular shapes. Finally, the feet are made from long curved lines and small straight lines on the bottom of both shapes. Good! We are almost done now! :)

How To Draw A Boy Clipart

Step 3

On top of the head of the boy clipart, draw a cap using a thin rectangle on the bottom and a bigger one on top. However, the one on the bottom must be larger as shown in the illustration below. On this shirt of the cartoon character, draw some stripes using three thin rectangles. Great job! We are done now! Let's proceed with the next step, which is adding some colors.

How To Draw A Boy Clipart

Step 4

You can start by adding a skin color on the face, the ears and the hands of the cartoon boy. Then, you can add some red inside the cap and the pants. The shirt is filled with a light blue color (and a darker version for the stripes) while the pupils are filled in brown (just like the shoes). Finally, you can change the colors of all outlines as shown below.

How To Draw A Boy Clipart

Nice work creating this adorable boy clipart!

Excellent work! This boy is quite adorable. If you want to draw more characters similar to this one, then you can start by creating this fun version of a boy made from circular shapes. Once you are done, why not illustrate this popular blond version of a boy also made from simple shapes.

How To Draw A Boy Clipart

However, if you prefer to work on something more challenging, then this boy made from complex shapes and digital effects is perfect for you! Have fun with all these lessons!

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