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how to draw a boxer clip art in just a few easy steps

How to draw a boxer clip art

Learn how to create a boxer clip art that looks cute and appealing in just a few minutes using this cool video lesson. I will show you how to use a few basic shapes like circles and rectangles to form a template that will be used to draw the final version of the character. Then, you will learn how to apply a few basic colors to convert a simple black and white illustration into a masterpiece. :)

Using a short video to begin with

First, you can use the simple video located below to witness the whole drawing process. This is a good starting point to see it all in action. Then, if you want to learn more and take your time to illustrate this character, then you can try the step-by-step tutorial found after the video.

Drawing this boxer clip art in four easy steps

Ready to proceed? Great! Let's begin this cool lesson by sketching a few basic shapes to form the character. First, you can draw a large circle to form the head. Then, you can draw a rectangle below the head to create the body. Both arms are made from small rectangles and the gloves are made using two large squares. More rectangles are needed to create the belt and the shorts.

How to draw a boxer clip art

It's now time to use this basic template to draw the character itself. You can use small oval shapes to form the eyes and the ears. Eyebrows are made from small rectangles. Notice how the gloves are huge and impressive. You can also draw a large belt and create stripes on the shorts. Shoes are made from triangles that are created using curved lines.

How to draw a boxer clip art

Good work! This is the cartoon boxer once all gray lines (the template created in the first step) are removed. This simple illustration looks cute and amazing, but we can definitely do better. Indeed, adding colors is one important step that needs to be done to complete this tutorial.

How to draw a boxer clip art

For this image, you will need a few basic colors like red, blue and brown. First, you can color both gloves and both shoes in red. The shorts and the eyes of the boxer clip art are colored in blue. Eyebrows are brown and the character is wearing a beard that is slightly darker than the color of the skin. Don't forget to add a few lines on the chest to make the character more muscular!

How to draw a boxer clip art

Have fun drawing this cool cartoon boxer!

This simple representation of a boxer can be done by virtually anyone. If you are looking for something a lot more challenging, then perhaps you would like to try this unique cartoon boxer filled with more details and visually more realistic. The colors are similar, but the result is definitely different!

How to draw a boxer clip art

Have fun drawing more cute characters like the boxer found above and don't forget to practice often if you want to improve your drawing abilities. More fun athletes can be drawn below. :)

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