by Gerwaskii
(Jackson, TN)

A picture of the main characters of my manga, BOUNTY.
It is a story of a 14-year old boy named Tony Nite and his friends, who are all bounty hunters and are on an adventure to find "The Ulitimate Bounty". On the way, they befriend many other bounty hunters, treasure hunters, creatures, and just all-around weird and random people. However, they run into some nasty characters, such as a gothic thief named clayton, a one-eyed swordsman named Zel, a raging, fighting bull, a crazed animal eater named Luke, and more. And going through all this meetings they visit different places like cities, villages, jail, an unknown island, and even hell itself.

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Aug 09, 2010
Hi Gerwaskii!
by: Martin

Thanks for the nice submission! Your characters are very lovable! :)

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