Blue Dragon Unlimited

by Dante V. Durand
(Los Angeles, CA)

Cover art for BDU in progress

Cover art for BDU in progress

Hi Everyone,

Okay I have to major story arcs:

1. In the future a sexy synthetic person known as a synthoid is created a corporation which combines two technologies that were previously impossible to combine. This device is created as a counter measure to fight another corporations device whose capabilities are enhanced by technology that cannot be determined (at first).

The device, designated T.A.N.I P4GF7 (Tawny pee four gee ef seven) carries a singularity which, if detonated, will cause an event horizon, that will wipe out everything in a three mile radius. Additionally it is a prototype, the owner sends the device after it's creator without precautionary testing. The creator is found, and in his attempt to disable the device, another person (later determined to be an agent for the good guys) actually (seemingly) dies while disabling the Tani. After the Tani "Phases" away (for much longer than usual) she returns with the dead agent, and, upon reboot, is demonstrating the personality of the agent she phased away with.

What ensues arcs through 7 volumes as other being with super powers try to stop her and the evil corporation she was designed to fight. All the while they try to determine just what happened when she phased (and what became of the agent's body?)

2. A sorceress and her pet "death fairy" go to "The Labrys" to get a cure for her despite the fact that The Labrys, being located in "Chaos" can only safely be negotiated by "Princes and Princesses of Chaos". But her fairy is a captured sorcerer who caused the illness and HE IS a prince of Chaos. He rigged the whole scheme to be free of her spell. Time pressure comes from the "Forces" of Chaos (Read Monsterous Demon Dogs the size of elephants) which later turn out to belong to the fairy.

As she travels through the nine gates she is in actuality traveling the the fairy's "wake" and experiences all manner of mind bending twists (Adult Alice in wonderland on acid). When she realizes her predicament she is cornered by the now restored sorcerer AND his Forces. Be she calls her Dragon INTO THE LABRYS... and with some help from (standard witchcraft gods and goddesses within the Labrys) she graduates with the full power of the Labrys AND SO DOES THE DRAGON!!!

Images (er... for Image!) attached!

***Info must be edited. Thanks for your comprehension - Martin***

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Jul 19, 2012
by: terry genetia

your creation is great!!! I wish you all the success on your art !!!God Bless You!!!

Jun 28, 2011
by: Martin

Nice image and nice concept! You certainly have a lot of imagination! :)

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