how to draw birds clipart images

Learn how to draw birds clipart like a flamingo, a parrot and an adorable blue bird. Indeed, I will show you how to illustrate three different birds using a simple template that can be used to create all the animals you can think of. Once you can draw the head and the body, create simple cartoon animals will become a fun and easy exercise. Let's start with the first character from this series ... a cute cartoon bird.

How To Draw Birds Clipart Images

drawing a blue bird in four easy steps

You can begin working on this cartoon animal by adding the head and the body using long curved lines. Make sure a small white space is visible between both body parts. Next, draw a few hairs on top of the head. Then, sketch two small oval shapes to form the eyes of the character.

The beak is made from a long triangle with a pointed end. Wings are made from curved lines and the legs from short straight ones. You can add a circular patch on the chest of the animal. Complete this lesson by adding a saturated blue color inside the bird.

How To Draw Birds Clipart Images

it's time to draw a nice pink flamingo

Once again, you need to draw two squares made from round corners to represent the head and the body of the cartoon flamingo. Both eyes are created from small dots. The beak is made from a long and thin triangle. The top of the triangle is circular while the bottom is narrow and sharp.

Both wings of the character are made from short curved lines. The feet are done using four short straight lines. It's now time to add some colors! The flamingo is filled with a bright pink color and the beak is brighter on top and darker on the bottom.

How To Draw Birds Clipart Images

Working on a nice cartoon parrot filled with cool colors

Our last bird in a nice cartoon parrot. Use the same technique as previously to form the head and the body of the character. Then, add two single hair on top of the head. Next, draw the eyes using dots and create the beak using a large triangle. A patch is also added around both eyes.

Next, create both wings using small curved lines. Legs are also made from small lines. Finally, you can use a wide variety of colors inside the character. In this case, the head and the body are red, the beak is brown, the patch is white and both wings are yellow and blue.

How To Draw Birds Clipart Images

Have fun drawing more birds clipart illustrations

Drawing cute birds clipart illustrations is now easier than ever once you are familiar with all tips found above. You can also find all tutorials from this series here. In all cases, the same template is used to create all cartoon animals. Have fun experimenting and don't forget to draw as often as possible! :)

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