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How to draw a bird clip art using several cute examples

How to draw a bird

Sketching a basic bird clip art can be done using a wide variety of simple shapes. In this series dedicated to our flying friends, you will have the opportunity to create tons of birds using multiple shapes like rectangles, triangles, circles and ovals. While most lessons found on this page are accessible to every artist young and old, the last three characters are slightly more challenging to draw.

Birds have a unique anatomy that does require some practice on your quest to the perfect image. The head and the body are often very similar in shape and if the beak is misplaced, then the animal could look strange. The wings and the tails are definitely the most difficult parts to get right. Fortunately, some versions built from basic shapes are easier to achieve.

creating a nice animal from a large rectangle

Let's start this series by drawing a simple bird made from a large rectangle. The tail is done using a short triangle. Both eyes are large (and so are the pupils). Notice how both eyes are slightly cropped by the body of the animal. Don't forget to draw a beak made from a smooth triangle. Feet are made from curved lines while wings are done using straight ones. When you are done, you can add plain colors and enjoy this cute cartoon bird.

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

Sketching another version using circles

Let's learn how to draw another bird colored in blue using circles this time. The head is represented by a large oval shape featuring short hair on top. Eyes are made from perfect circles, just like the body. You can draw wings using long curved lines. Legs and feet are made from tiny rectangles. The beak is made from a sharp triangle and more perfect circles are needed for the pupils. Just add plain colors and remove all outlines to complete this adorable bird clip art.

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

Still made from basic shapes, but slightly more challenging

Learning how to draw a bird clip art made from simple lines can be easily done using this tutorial. As you can see below, the head and body are made from long curved lines. Short hair are added on top of the head. Eyes are created using dots. The beak is round on top and sharp near the bottom. Wings and legs are formed using short lines. A circular patch is drawn on the body. You can add colors inside the character (and select another color if you wish to try something new!).

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

adding subtle textures and feathers using short lines

So far, all characters created were pretty basic. This bird illustration is adding a small level of complexity to the process. Although the body is made from perfect circular shapes, the silhouette of the subject is done using several small short lines. Eyes are made from dots and the beak is large compared to the size of the head. Inside the character, you can create a simple pattern using more short lines. Outlines are also filled with colors instead of being black.

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

Changing the perspective of the animal

Drawing a bird clip art from a front view is relatively easy because most body parts are symmetrical. For this lesson, let's draw a cartoon bird using a different point of view. The head and body are done using rectangles. Two large eyes made from circles are added. The beak is long, thin and drawn pointing towards the left. Wings are also drawn to create this perspective. The wing located on the back is barely visible. You can add colors inside the picture using gradients.

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

another variation: the side view

This time, the cartoon blue jay is depicted from a side view. This posture is also very easy to achieve. The body is done using a perfect circle. The head is represented by an irregular rectangle. Notice how the back of the head is pointed and sharp. The wing and the tail are created from more basic shapes. A few patterns are also drawn inside the body, the head and the tail of our subject. Great work!

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

It's time to try different colors and more basic shapes

This bird clip art is also created from several basic shapes. Simply draw a circle, a rectangle and two triangles to form the silhouette of the creature. Eyes and pupils are made from perfect circles. A few hairs is sketched on top of the head. A long patch is covering the chest of the animal. Legs and feet are done using several small curved lines. Just add plain colors and remove all strokes to complete this lesson.

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

Working on more complex cartoon animals

Now that we have created a whole bunch of basic illustrations, it's time to work on more complex cartoon birds. This first version is also done using some perspective. Although basic shapes are used to form the subject, more details are added inside this artwork.

The head, body and wings are done using oval shapes. Then, you can draw the character using long thin lines. Notice the particular shape of the beak and the legs. Circles are needed for the eyes. On the chest, you can draw some hair and a simple pattern using a long curved line.

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

Same posture, but different shapes

The cartoon bird found below is quite similar to the previous one. Colors and the posture are the same. However, this character was drawn using a different shape. Notice how long curved lines are used to blend the wings, the head and the body together. The bird clip art is also filled with gradients and simple effects like shadows and reflections are used.

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

A cute mockingbird filled with cool digital effects

It's time to learn how to draw a mockingbird that is visually appealing and filled with fun effects. In the first step, you can see the basic shapes needed to help you draw all lines accurately. Then, you can add some details inside the picture. This fun bird is colored in brown and shadows were added around the eyes, near the beak and below the wing. You can also draw large reflections inside the head, the wing and the body.

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

One last bird clip art filled with bright red colors

This last example is featuring a bird drawing filled with shiny red colors. The first three steps are dedicated to the creation of the character itself. Then, you can learn how to draw basic effects like shadows and reflections in the remaining six steps. It's fun to note that shadows were added around the eyes of the subject to create a more intriguing look.

How To Draw A Bird Clip Art

I hope you had fun learning to draw all these lessons filled with great tips and techniques. Now that you are more familiar with the animal, don't hesitate to draw your own bird clipart. Enjoy! :)

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