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How to draw a bee Icon from simple shapes and lines

How To Draw A Bee Icon

In this tutorial, you will learn how to illustrate a bee icon using simple shapes and colors. This adorable insect can be drawn in just five steps. Then, I will show you a few alternatives to make your creation visually more appealing and interesting.

Bees are playing a crucial role in nature. There are responsible for pollination, which is important to whole ecological system. Of course, bees are also producing honey! Who doesn't love honey! ;)

Step 1

Let's begin this lesson by sketching a few basic elements to create a guideline. This template will later be used to draw the character. You can start by adding the head using a circle. Then, draw a long rectangle to form the body. Wings are made from thin rectangles.

How To Draw A Bee Icon

Step 2

You can now use these shapes to draw the bee. To do so, you can draw long curved lines for the wings, a diamond for the body and an oval shape to illustrate the head. Cool! Now that all shapes are drawn, you can remove the template (or the shapes with an orange outline).

How To Draw A Bee Icon

Step 3

Inside the head, draw two large circles to represent the eyes. The pupils are done using smaller circles. The mouth is made from a small curved line. Finally, complete this third step by drawing the legs and the arms as shown in the illustration below. 

How To Draw A Bee Icon

Step 4

On top of the head, draw antennas using broken lines. The tip of both antennas is made from a small oval shape. Inside the body of the cartoon bee, draw some lines to form the stripes. Excellent! The drawing part of this lesson is now completed. Let's add some colors!

How To Draw A Bee Icon

Step 5

The head and the body of the bee are filled with a bright yellow color. The end of both antennas can be red. The antennas and the stripes are black while the wings can be filled with a dark blue color. Now that this adorable bee icon is finished, let's work on a few alternatives to see how things might look like.

How To Draw A Bee Icon

Adding outlines

Icons are usually quite simple. That's why the original version was created without outlines. You can draw some outlines to enhance this little character, but while doing so your illustration might look a little bit more cartoonish (and less like an icon). It's really depends on the digital effect you are looking for.

How To Draw A Bee Icon

A large outline for the whole character

In this case, an outline was added around the entire character, but not on individual shapes. The illustration still looks like an icon, but this one feels more polished, visually more interesting.

How To Draw A Bee Icon

Nice work drawing this bee icon

I hope you had fun working with this character. As you can see below, only five simple shapes were required to illustrate this one. You can also try more animals from the same series here.

How To Draw A Bee Icon

Don't forget to keep your illustration simple if your goal is to create an icon. More cool cartoon bees from this site are available below. Have fun and enjoy! :)

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