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how to draw a bee clip art with an adorable smile

How To Draw A Bee Clip Art

Learn to draw a bee clip art that looks cute using this fun step-by-step drawing lesson. You will learn how to create this adorable insect using a mix of basic shapes, simple lines and plain colors. Bees are very often the first cartoon character kids will draw. It's probably due to the fact that this original creature is easily recognizable with its tiny wings, dark stripes and bright colors. Let's try to illustrate a funny cartoon bee in just a few easy steps using the lesson found below ...

drawing a simple shape to begin with

First, let's draw the head and body of the bee using a single shape. Make sure this rectangle is slightly narrower on top and made from long curved lines. All these lines (as well as future ones found in all steps below) can be pointed on both ends. It's not mandatory, but it can give a more "stylish" look to this illustration.

How To Draw A Bee Clip Art

adding a few basic elements

On top of the head, sketch two long broken lines as shown in the illustration below. These lines are used to represent sharp antennas. On the bottom of the character, you can draw a tiny sting using a simple triangle. Good work! Let's proceed to the next step ...

How To Draw A Bee Clip Art

wings to help this cute bee clip art fly properly

On both sides of the body, you can draw four large wings made from circular shapes. These shapes are not perfect (they are slightly narrower near the body) and lines are still pointed on both ends. Don't hesitate to place wings side-by-side on the left and the right of the cartoon character.

How To Draw A Bee Clip Art

adding a simple (but cute) facial expression

It's now time to work on the facial expression of the cartoon bee. This step is quite important since most readers will spend more time looking at the face of the character than any other part of the body. Take your time and make sure all facial features are drawn properly.

First, you can draw both eyes using perfect circles. Small dots are added inside both eyes to form pupils. Next, draw two short eyebrows using small curved lines. The mouth is created from more straight lines. Don't forget to add teeth using tiny straight lines.

How To Draw A Bee Clip Art

One last step before adding colors

Inside the body of the cartoon bee, you can draw a few basic stripes using long curved lines. For this tutorial, only two stripes are added. You can draw a few more if you want, but two is definitely a minimum.

How To Draw A Bee Clip Art

Bright colors to complete this drawing lesson

It's time to add some colors inside the bee clip art. Wings are filled with a bright blue color while the body must be filled in yellow. Both eyes are also blue while the sting and the stripes are colored in brown. Of course, these two elements can also be colored in black ... it's all up to you!

How To Draw A Bee Clip Art

good work! Time to draw more cartoon characters!

I hope you had fun working on this adorable bee clip art. Below you can see all six steps required to complete this simple lesson.

How To Draw A Bee Clip Art

If you had fun creating this image, then you can enjoy more animals and characters from the same series here. Don't forget to practice as often as possible. This is the most relevant tip to become better at drawing. If you want to draw more bees, then you can enjoy these fun links below. :)

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