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How to Draw a Bear Icon using rectangles and circles

How To Draw A Bear Icon

This lesson will help you learn how to create a bear icon made from simple shapes and filled with basic vector effects. Indeed, I will first show you how to draw the animal using a simple step-by-step tutorial using basic shapes and colors. Then, you will learn three simple techniques to enhance the icon and make this one visually more appealing.

Bears are quite interesting to illustrate. As you can see in the illustration above, you don't need to draw many details to end up with a recognizable illustration. Simple draw small ears, a round head, a small patch on the stomach and you are done! Ready? Let's learn how to create this animal in five easy steps.

Step 1

First, you can draw the head using a small circular shape. Next, add the body using a long rectangle. Make sure this one is not too large. The arms and hands are represented by small rectangles and circles. Finally, sketch two small rectangles to form the legs. 

How To Draw A Bear Icon

Step 2

The shapes created in the first step are only used as guidelines. They are not part of the character. To illustrate this bear icon properly, you need to draw small curved lines as shown below. Notice how the top of the head is narrower and don't forget to add thumbs above the hands. Feet are also made from small curved lines.

How To Draw A Bear Icon

Step 3

Inside the head, draw two large circles to form the eyes. The pupils are made from tiny circular shapes. Next, draw a large nose using an oval shape. Sketch a large patch below the nose and draw a mouth inside this patch using a curved line. 

How To Draw A Bear Icon

Step 4

On top of the head, draw small ears using curved lines. Inside the ears, you can also draw small patches. On the stomach, sketch a long oval shape and add a dot inside this new shape. Cool! We are done for the drawing aspect of this lesson. Let's add colors!

How To Draw A Bear Icon

Step 5

Of course, this bear must be filled with a variety of brown colors. Simply make sure that patches inside the ears, around the mouth and on the stomach are slightly brighter. The nose and the mouth can be filled with a darker brown color. The eyes are white and the pupils are black.

How To Draw A Bear Icon

Depth can also be nice

Adding a simple bevel effect around the illustration can give an interesting result. This can easily be done using a vector application like Xara. Simple, but quite effective!

How To Draw A Bear Icon

A thick outline for a great result

Adding a thick outline around your illustration can also help create a stunning icon. If you want to create a logo or simply end up with an image that is easier to read, then this is a great alternative. :)

How To Draw A Bear Icon

Let's go 3D!

This last effect is also fascinating although not relevant for all purposes. This bear seems thick, solid and drawn from a cool perspective. :)

How To Draw A Bear Icon

Good job working on this adorable bear icon

That's it for this cute bear illustration. You have learned how to create a simple version using basic shapes and how to add simple effects to enhance this icon.

How To Draw A Bear Icon

Don't hesitate to try more characters from the same series here and have fun with all these animals!

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