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How to create a Bear Drawing with open arms

How To Create A Bear Drawing With Open Arms

Create a nice bear drawing using all the tools you need like a pencil and a vector application! This ferocious animal is often seen as a mean and dangerous creature, but for some reason it is usually depicted as a cute and adorable animal in the great world of cartoon.

Whether you think that this animal is cute (and friendly) or not doesn't really matters. Our goal is to draw a nice bear using only a few basic shapes and a vector software. Ready? Let's start working on our illustration right now! :)

Step 1

Bear drawing

First, sketch a large rectangle and make sure that the top part is slightly narrower. Don't hesitate to add round lines in your rectangle. Then, add two small oval shapes on the bottom of the illustration. As you can see, the oval shapes are hiding the bottom part of the rectangle.

Step 2

Bear drawing

Once you are finished, add two more circles on top of the rectangle to form the ears. You can also draw two long oval shapes on each side of the body to illustrate the arms. Can you see the bear drawing in this picture?

Step 3

Bear drawing

If you don't, proceed with the eyes and the nose by sketching three small circles. A large rectangle was also added on the body to represent the stomach of the animal.

Step 4

Bear drawing

We are almost done with sketching. Create the pupils using two small dots and illustrate the mouth with simple lines. You can also add thumbs on the hands by creating two small circles.

Step 5

Bear drawing

Finally, create another set of circles inside the ears and complete the facial expression by adding two small lines to form the eyebrows. You can also add a few details on the paws of the animal using a few circular shapes. As you can see, I also applied a few shadows using my pencil just to give more volume to my 2D illustration. You can skip this step if you want to.

Step 6

Bear drawing

Now that we are done with sketching, let's import this funny drawing into a vector application. From there, you can apply a little bit of transparency to your illustration to make the next steps easier to read. Select your drawing tool and create a few lines on the main shapes of your bear.

Step 7

Bear drawing

Once you are finished, add the other lines inside the character to complete this step. Notice that I have used a line that is thinner on each end. This is not mandatory, but the result can be more enjoyable. You can now delete the original illustration that was, in my case, made of green lines.

Step 8

Bear drawing

It's now time to add a few basic colors to our bear drawing. To do so, just create a large shape that covers the entire illustration. Of course, make sure that all lines are still on top and that the new shape is placed in the back. For the eyes, create small white circles and placed them between the lines and the brown shape.

Step 9

Bear drawing

Cool! Now we still need to create a few extra shapes to add color to sensible areas like the ears, the mouth, the stomach and the feet. Once again, remember that each shape must be placed between the original brown shape that we created earlier and the dark lines.

Step 10

Bear drawing

Each vector application comes with a tool named gradient fill. Use this tool to create a simple shadow on the original brown shape. Make sure that the bottom of the shape is darker. You can also select all light shapes created in the previous step and repeat the same process. 

Step 11

Bear drawing

Our bear drawing is nice, but it still needs a few extra effects to be even more enjoyable and attractive. As you can see on the picture above, you need to create extra shapes for the stomach, the feet, the mouth area and the ears. Your new shapes must be darker. 

Step 12

Bear drawing

If you have access to a transparency tool (and you should), use this one to hide the top part of all shapes created in the previous step. The goal is to come up with a nice shadow that will give more volume to the shape it is associated with. 

Step 13

Bear drawing

Repeat the same process, but this time you must draw new shapes on the arms, the body, the ears and the outside part of the feet. As you can see above, most shapes are made with curved lines.

Step 14

Bear drawing

Use the transparency tool to hide the top part of your shadows. Nice! The illustration is now almost complete!

Step 15

Bear drawing

Creating nice shadows is great, but don't forget that light also produces reflections and lighter areas. For the stomach, the mouth and the ear, use a light color (close to white) and keep a small space between these new shapes and the shape visible below each of them. For the arms, use a light brown color to fill the two circles.

Step 16

Bear drawing

Of course, you must also use transparency to hide the bottom part of your shapes. Great! I think that the illustration is now 100% finished! You can always create more effects if you prefer to come up with a complex bear drawing. The possibilities are endless! Enjoy! :)

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