How to Draw a Bear Clipart

Drawing this simple bear clipart is a fun and rewarding experience when using this tutorial. Mostly made from large basic shapes, thick outlines and plain colors, you should be able to duplicate this cartoon animal quite easily using a simple vector application or a pencil and a piece of paper. 

You can see below how the character should look like once this drawing lesson is completed. Only basic features are drawn to make sure that the illustration remains simple and easy to read. Of course, you can always use this template to create your own version of a cartoon bear. Ready? Let's sketch this fun character now!

How to Draw a Bear Clipart

Step 1

Unlike other animals found on this site, this cartoon bear doesn't have a head and a body. Instead, both elements are merged together into a single large rectangle. Remember to use a thick outline to increase the "cuteness" of the animal.

On top of the head, draw two small circular shapes to illustrate the ears. These new shapes are integrated inside the main shape used to form the head and the body. 

How to Draw a Bear Clipart

Step 2

Great! It's now time to draw the facial features of this adorable cartoon animal. Inside the rectangle, draw two large circles to represent the eyes. Inside the eyes, draw small circular shapes to form the pupils. Notice how the eyes are partially hidden on both sides of the body.

When you are done, sketch the nose using a small oval shape. Below this one, draw a long curved line to illustrate the mouth. Don't forget that the nose and the mouth are joined by a small straight line. 

How to Draw a Bear Clipart

Step 3

Inside the ears, draw small oval shapes. Both front legs are done using straight lines while the feet on the bottom of the image are created with oval shapes. Don't forget to create a large patch made from a long curved line on the stomach of the character. 

How to Draw a Bear Clipart

Step 4

In this final step, you can add plain colors to complete this tutorial. This cartoon bear is mostly filled with a light brown color. The small patches found inside the ears as well as the one located on the stomach are filled with a brighter color.

You can also use a light brown colors for the pupils. The nose and the mouth are filled with a black color. The eyes are simply white. 

How to Draw a Bear Clipart

These are all steps to create this bear clipart! 

Great work! As you can see, sketching this bear clipart is a simple task if you can draw rectangles or circles. It's all about implementing these shapes in appropriated areas to end up with something relevant and fun to look at. Enjoy this bear and don't hesitate to try more characters from the same series. 

How to Draw a Bear Clipart

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