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How to Draw a Bat Icon filled with cool effects

How To Draw A Bat Icon

Learn how to draw a bat icon made from simple shapes and see how to enhance this one using various vector tools. In just four easy steps, I will show you how to draw a bat made from simple elements, plain colors and no outlines. Then, I will show you how to create various icons using this illustration.

Bats are fascinating creatures. They are often associated with vampires, Batman or simply seen as weird animals that live at night. Let's see how we can draw a fun version using the step-by-step lesson below.

Step 1

First, let's draw a large rectangle to form the head and body. Next, draw two small triangles on top of the head to illustrate the ears. The wings are made from long irregular rectangles and the tiny feet are create from two small rectangles.

How To Draw A Bat Icon

Step 2

Now that our guideline is created, it's time to sketch the character using mostly curved lines. As you can see below, the body is made from a round shape. Ears are pointed and wings are drawn using multiple curved lines. Finally, the feet are sketched using small rectangles with round corners.

How To Draw A Bat Icon

Step 3

Since we are creating an icon, not too many details are needed. You can start by drawing the eyes using medium circles. The pupils are made from tiny dots. Complete this third step by drawing two long pointed lines inside each wing. Cool! It's time to add colors!

How To Draw A Bat Icon

Step 4

This creature is mostly filled with a very dark grey color. The eyes are white and the pupils are black. Lines added inside the wings are also black. As you can see below, outlines from all shapes have been removed. Good! This is a very nice bat icon to play with ... but can we make this illustration better?

How To Draw A Bat Icon

Adding a thick outline around the character

This simple variation is featuring a thick outline filled with a light grey color. I really like this version. The bat seems more polished and this picture could be used for a logo or an icon (but don't do it ... it's mine! ;)

How To Draw A Bat Icon

How about a 3d version?

Using another great vector tool from my application, I have created another interesting image featuring some 3D effects. This technique is also nice, but better use it only if it's relevant with what you are looking for.

How To Draw A Bat Icon

A nice bevel to give some depth

This is not a 3D version, but simply a 2D illustration with a bevel around the edges. I don't know about you, but for me this illustration looks like it was made from plastic! Very cool! :)

How To Draw A Bat Icon

Have fun with this cool bat icon!

These are all steps needed to draw this icon and create new and interesting variations. Remember that icons are simple graphic representations of the characters you are working with. Don't add too much details, keep it simple and you should be fine.

How To Draw A Bat Icon

Now that we are done with this drawing of a bat, feel free to try more versions below. Don't forget to practice often. :)

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