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How to draw an artist clipart made from rectangles

How To Draw An Artist Clipart

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a fun artist clipart made from a large rectangle and several circular shapes. You can either decide to draw this character using a digital application just like I did or simply draw this artist with a pencil and a piece of paper. Both techniques are simple to achieved and you will learn from both.

Artists are interesting people. In fact, if you are here to learn how to draw an artist, then you are probably one yourself! Ironic, isn't it? The representation of an artist found below is quite basic. A simple hat made from curved line, a large scarf and clothing filled with bright colors. Are you ready to work on this cartoon character? Great! Let's start with the first step now! :)

Step 1

You can start by sketching the head using a square. Then, create the body with a large rectangle. A smaller one is used to illustrate the legs of the character. Finally, both feet are done from curved lines. As you can see, I like to use thick outlines to make the cartoon character even more friendly and fun to look at.

How To Draw An Artist Clipart

Step 2

Next, you can draw some ears using small circles. The eyes are done using large circular shapes while smaller circles are used to represent the pupils. The mouth is sketched with a large pointed curved line. Continue working on this character by drawing the arms using rectangles. Hands are done with small circles.

How To Draw An Artist Clipart

Step 3

Nice work! We are almost done! On top of the head, use a couple of curved lines to create the hat. On top of the hat, you can draw a small circle as shown below. Then, some hair can be added on both sides of the head. When you are finished, draw a long rectangle below the head to illustrate the scarf. More rectangles are also added below the scarf to complete this one.

How To Draw An Artist Clipart

Step 4

Let's add some colors inside the cartoon artist to make this one visually appealing. A light skin color can be applied on the face, the ears and the hands. The hat, the pupils, the scarf and the pants are filled with a bright blue color. The shirt can be red and the hair can be brown. That's it for this artist clipart! 

How To Draw An Artist Clipart

Great work drawing a nice artist clipart made from basic elements!

I hope you had fun creating this character. You can see all steps required to draw this artist below. Want more tutorials featuring this character? No problem! You can start by sketching a cute artist made from circular shapes if you prefer to draw something simpler. Then, you can work on a more complex posture using simple lines and shapes.

How To Draw An Artist Clipart

Next, this cartoon artist with no outlines is also a good challenge. Finally, this complex version made from a cute template and great effects is perfect for those looking for a difficult lesson. Have fun! :)

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