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how to draw an apricot clipart that looks juicy

How to draw an apricot clipart

In this lesson, you will learn to draw an apricot clipart mostly made from basic shapes and filled with simple digital effects. For this lesson, the real challenge is creating cool gradients and shadows so that we can end up with a realistic result. Indeed, drawing the fruit itself is pretty easy. Ready? Great! Let's proceed with the first step of this tutorial now ...

drawing the silhouette of the cartoon apricot

First, let's work on the cartoon apricot using simple shapes like circles. To create the body of the fruit, you will need to sketch two different circles. On top of the apricot, draw a stem using irregular lines and a leaf using three long curved lines. Now that the fruit is completed, it's time to add colors and create some cool effects inside the illustration.

How to draw an apricot clipart

adding plain colors

The stem of the subject can be filled with a dark brown color. The bottom of the leaf is filled with a dark green color while the top can be slightly lighter. The main circle used to draw the cartoon apricot can be colored in yellow. The circle located on the back can be slightly darker.

How to draw an apricot clipart

Playing with gradients

Plain colors are nice, but adding gradients is even better if we want to add some depth inside the illustration. For the skin of the fruit, you can try a mix or yellow and orange colors. On the stem, make sure that the top is brighter and the bottom darker. You can use the same recipe on the leaf.

How to draw an apricot clipart

drawing a wide variety of shadows

Another simple thing we can do to create more volume is draw a few shadows inside this apricot clipart. These shadows can be filled with dark colors, but adding transparency to these new elements is a good idea. After all, our goal is to create a subtle effect, not to draw a dramatic fruit with dark and frightening shadows!

You can draw these new shadows on the leaf, the stem and the bottom part of the fruit (shown below with temporary pink outlines). Another simple shadow (shown with the blue outline) can also be added near the bottom of the stem.

How to draw an apricot clipart

creating highlights and reflections

Adding dark shapes is a good idea to create contrast, but mixing this technique with the addition of bright areas is even better. For this step, we need to draw bright highlights on all parts of the subject. Just like we did with shadows previously, playing with the opacity of the new shapes is crucial to create a nice and subtle effect.

How to draw an apricot clipart

good job learning to draw a delicious apricot clipart

I hope you had fun learning to draw this fun apricot clipart. Sketching the fruit itself is definitely easy, but creating realistic effects is certainly more difficult to get right. Don't hesitate to try more version using different shadows, colors and textures. You can easily push the boundaries of realism by adding more textures and patterns to this simple cartoon illustration.

How to draw an apricot clipart

Below, you can see all steps required to illustrate this delicious fruit properly. Now that you know how to draw a cartoon apricot, why not try more fun food from this cool section too?

How to draw an apricot clipart

If you want to have access to more fun fruits, then you can also try these simple lessons below. Have fun sketching and remember to practice often. :)

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