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How to draw an apple clipart that looks delicious

How to draw an apple clipart

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw an apple clipart that looks cute and amazing simply by using basic shapes and plain colors. Creating beautiful shadows and reflections can easily be done using solid shapes ... no need to add transparency or play with gradient colors. All we need to do is be creative. Ready? Let's create a perfect apple now ...

Let's start by adding a few basic shapes ...

Apples are quite simple to create. For this step, all you need to do is sketch a large circle to represent the fruit and draw a long and thin rectangle to illustrate the stem. Now that we have a simple template to guide us, let's draw the subject using a bunch of curved lines.

How to draw an apple clipart

Drawing an apple clipart using long curved lines

The top of the fruit is shaped like the top of a heart (well, the iconic representation of it). Near the bottom of the apple, two more subtle bumps are visible. The stem is made from two long curved lines. A short oval shape with pointed ends is added on top of the illustration.

How to draw an apple clipart

a single leaf to add more colors ...

I don't recall purchasing an apple with a leaf on it, but that's usually how it's represented. Of course, this illustration is also more appealing with a leaf since this part of the image is green, making the subject visually more appealing. Don't forget to draw a simple line inside the leaf.

How to draw an apple clipart

plain colors to make this picture more entertaining!

A black and white illustration can be nice, but adding colors is a much better alternative. For this tutorial, you will need only three colors. The fruit itself is red, the leaf is green and the stem is brown. We could put an end to this tutorial right here, but adding a few basic effects to add more volume is also a fun thing to do (especially when these effects are so easy to apply!).

How to draw an apple clipart

dark shadows to create contrast

Like I said earlier, adding more effects to this illustration can easily be done. No need to grab a vector application to add transparency, gradient fills or use patterns. All we need to do is add a few more basic shapes and we are done!

Notice how the bottom of the fruit is darker. It's also the case near the bottom of the stem. You can also make the oval shape on top of the stem much darker to create contrast. Finally, simply add a darker shape on the bottom part of the leaf to complete this step.

How to draw an apple clipart

Reflections to create even more depth and volume

Dark shadows are nice, but to create more contrast, it's also a good idea to create brighter shapes. As you can see below, two oval shapes were added on the right side of the illustration. Short oval shapes are also drawn on top of the stem and on top of the leaf. Simple, yet quite effective!

How to draw an apple clipart
How to draw an apple clipart

Have fun creating more apples like this one!

I hope you had fun drawing this apple clipart in just six easy steps. If you prefer to look at videos to learn how to draw, then you can try this cartoon apple. Have fun experimenting and don't hesitate to add more visual effects once you are comfortable creating this excellent fruit. More fun related lessons available here:

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