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Anime Studio Pro : a powerful tool for any animators!

Are you fascinated by 2D animation? Drawing several images to create a small animated movie sounds like too much work? Good news! Anime Studio Pro is a simple and easy application loaded with great features that can help you create the animation of your dream!

Packed with many great tools that can help you same time, this great software is offering everything you need to build professional results!

Simple drawing tools to help you get started!

This vector-based application is filled with most drawing tools you would expect from any vector software. You can draw shapes, lines, play with the outline's width and add great colors. You can also use brushes and import a wide variety of files like JPEG or PNG images to enhance your project. 

Unlike most vector software, you don't have access to handles when manipulating vector dots. This can be confusing for vector expert. It literally changes the way you must draw and arranged lines and shapes when creating an illustration.

Fortunately, you do have access to several alternatives that are original and unique to Anime Studio Pro. For example, you can erase a portion of an outline without losing the entire shape. You can also play with the length of an outline on a vector line. Very cool!

Other drawing tools include a curvature tool to add a curve to a straight line, a noise tool, a bend points tool, another simple tool to delete edges and all the drawing and selection tools needed to create a cool character. 

Fill tools are also simple and very straightforward. You can add plain colors, shading and gradient effects. You can also import textures and add them to any vector shapes. 

Powerful bones to move your characters and objects

Unlike traditional animation where you need to draw all frames individually, Anime Studio Pro comes with a bone rigging system that does all the job for you. 

Simply add a bone layer, draw the skeleton of your character and then apply these bones to each part of the illustration and you are done. Setting up your character may take a few hours, but once this is done, you can literally move it as you wish and in real-time!

This system allows the animator to save lots of time and the result is more fluid and visually more appealing then using a frame-by-frame technique. You can also use bones to play with stroke exposure, shading, modify gradient fills or play with the depth of 3D objects.

You can also lock bones to make sure that your character's legs won't turn around and end up with unrealistic behaviors. Smart bones is also a nice feature that will remove distortion around your character's joints like elbows and knees.

Of course, this is not a perfect system. One drawback is the inability to move your camera around the character since this one is flat, just like a piece of paper. There are a few ways to get around this, but this is the major weakness of this tool.

Great camera movement to create stunning shots easily

Animation is nothing if you don't have the ability to move around your set and create amazing shots. Once again, Anime Studio Pro shines with all the tools needed to come up with cool camera movement.

With just a few clicks, you can use the track camera tool to move around the workspace, use the zoom camera tool to go deeper into the background (and you don't lose quality since the content is vector-based) and roll or tilt the camera to add even more effects to your project. 

When combined together, these dynamic effects are all you need to create stunning shots in just a few seconds. Even if your illustrations are made in 2D, you also have the possibility to move around using a 3D feature that is beautiful and easy to manipulate.

Animation. The most fascinating aspect of Anime Studio Pro

Once again, Anime Studio Pro is packed with all the tools needed to animate your project with ease. Not only can you combine the bone rigging system and the camera tools to create great shots, but you can also animate things like shadows, gradient fills, colors, outlines and more.

The switch layer tool gives you the opportunity to draw multiple mouth expressions that can be easily switch during animation. Simply add an audio file and the application will automatically create the mouth movement for you! The result is decent, but you can always add more frames yourself if you want a more realistic result.

The timeline is easy to use and adding a keyframe is very easy. You also have access to onionskins, editable motion graphs and interpolation intervals. These options might be more difficult to use for beginners, but they can be valuable if you need total control over the animation.

Extras and special effects to go one step further!

Anime Studio Pro also comes with many special features like particles, physics, scripting and motion tracking. Most of these specials features will require extra learning time. 

Another cool addition is the possibility to create characters using a simple wizard. All you need to do is select a template and make all the modifications you need until you have the perfect character. The tool is great, but chances are that your characters might be similar to the ones created by others. If you want 100% original illustrations, you might want to draw from a blank page. 

Anime Studio Pro now supports GPU acceleration and 64-Bit architectures. Performance should increase and previews are now easier to render. You can also see all details live, especially if you are working with images and textures. 

You can work in HD, PAL and NTSC. You can also import and export JPEG, BMP, PSD (layered), PNG (with transparency) and TGA. Video format includes SWF, MOV, AVI, MP4 as well as sequential images (JPEG, BMP, PSD (layered), PNG (with transparency) and TGA). 

Anime Studio Pro also comes in Debut version. You can still create cool animations with Debut, but you won't be able to use most of the cool tools, bones special features and most special effects. All optimization features are also missing. A good choice if you want to use a simple version, but definitely not interesting if you are slightly serious about animation.


If your goal is to create simple or complex 2D animated movie, then you should definitely consider Anime Studio Pro. You might need a few weeks to get use to this application if you are not familiar with animation. Even experts might need a few days to get familiar with all the tools available here.

However, once you know your way around, Anime Studio Pro is a wonderful software that can deliver amazing videos and create great effects quickly and effectively. You can try the software here.


  • Easy to use once you are familiar with it.
  • Powerful bones to make animation even easier.
  • Many special effects to add more depth to your project.
  • Camera is easy to use. Shots are dynamic and realistic.
  • Lots of image and video format supported.
  • Easy character wizard to start animating quickly.
  • Simple interface will all the tools you need.
  • New optimization features to speed up your project!


  • Not so easy to learn if you are a beginner.
  • No handles to work with in vector mode.
  • Debut is poor in features and not an interesting option.

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