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How to Draw Animals Clipart made from basic shapes

How to draw an owl

In this section of the website, you will learn to draw animals clipart that are mostly made from simple elements (like circles, rectangles and squares) and filled with plain colors. You can use a simple vector application to create these illustrations. These software are now designed to make your life easier and each character only takes a few minutes only to create.

Of course, you can also use a piece of paper and a pencil to sketch and draw these cartoon animals. It's still the best technique to learn how to draw since vector applications are doing most of the hard work for you (which can be great, but not as rewarding as drawing the animal yourself!). 

Take your time to draw each character carefully. Even if all animals are done using simple lines and shapes, it's important to keep all proportions accurate and make sure that some parts like the eyes and the mouth are placed properly.

Most animals are done using a similar template, so once you are familiar with technique behind the creation of these animals, sketching your own characters and animals should be quite easy.

What to look for in these drawing lessons?

These cartoon animals are very different from other tutorials found on this site. My goal was to make sure that most characters could be drawn using just a few basic shapes, nothing more. Let's see what you should look for when creating animals from this series ...

Animals Clipart

1. Bodies are made from rectangles. Only basic shapes are used

Bodies are create from simple rectangles. Every feature found inside the character is either made from basic circles, rectangles and triangles or short lines. In some cases, only three of four shapes are needed to illustrate the whole character.

2. Simple elements like patches can be drawn

Although you won't find complex textures or shadows inside these animals, some elements that are needed to make the character easily recognizable must be added. In the case of the cardinal above, patches around the eyes are required.

3. Eyes are partially hidden since the body is deliberately too narrow

Another interesting aspect of these lessons is the fact that eyes are not entirely visible. Since these eyes are huge, some parts near the edge of the body are cropped (or hidden). The result is quite intriguing compared to other characters found here.

4. Parts located behind the body can be darker

The tail of the cardinal that can be seen above is filled with a dark red color (while the body is much brighter). This simple detail can help create a little bit of depth in an illustration that is mostly filled with 2D elements. You can apply this technique on any part that is located behind the character.

5. Most body parts are located inside the body

This is one thing that you won't find elsewhere (well, in most cases!). Instead of drawing elements like wings or legs outside the body, these parts are added inside the large rectangle used to represent the body of the character. The image feels more compact and should be easier to achieved for beginners too.

6. Only plain colors are used

Working with color gradients to give depth to the character is cool, but in this case only plain colors are used inside the illustration. Of course, this choice was only motivated by the fact that these lessons are dedicated to beginners. Feel free to add color gradients if you want to! :)

A video lesson featuring a razorback to begin with

First, you can learn how to illustrate this fun cartoon razorback using a simple step-by-step video lesson. You can also have access to more adorable animals like this one on my Youtube channel. 

A beautiful bee made from rectangles too!

The second character we can try is an adorable bee clipart and drawing this one is definitely an easy task! Simply use a large rectangle to create the body, add antennas and you are done for the first step. The second one consists in adding eyes using circles (see how eyes are once again deliberately crop on both sides) and sketching a mouth with a long curved line.

Then, draw a few stripes on the body, add wings on both sides of the character and sketch a sting to complete this third step. The fourth step is dedicated to adding colors (mostly yellow, blue and black). That's was simple, don't you think?

Bee Clipart

Working inside a cute cartoon penguin

Another fun and easy character to illustrate is the penguin. For this particular animal, most of the work is done inside the character. Indeed, all major elements like the eyes, the pupils, the beak and the feet are drawn inside the large rectangle used to form the body. Only the wings are located outside the main shape.

Adding colors is relatively easy since the creature is mainly filled in black. Both feet and the beak are colored in orange. The patch located on the chest must be white and the pupils are colored in blue. That's about it for this adorable cartoon penguin.

Penguin Clipart

a challenging Raccoon filled with more details

Let's try something slightly more challenging this time (because not all animals clipart are super easy to draw ... some are just easy!). Our cute raccoon friend is filled with more details and unusual shapes compared to previous characters. For instance, cheeks are made from small triangles and the tail is long and loaded with stripes.

You also need to draw a few patches around the eyes, around the mouth and on the chest of the animal. This one is colored in grey, but you can see a few variations of this color (stripes are darker while the body is much brighter). Cool! We still have more animals clipart to draw! ;)

Raccoon Clipart

No neck for this adorable giraffe!

This giraffe clipart is an interesting example of how an animal that is usually depicted with a unique feature (like a long neck) can be drawn inside a small rectangle and still remain highly recognizable. Indeed, no one can argue that this illustration doesn't represent a giraffe. The animal is yellow, covered with patches and small horns are visible on top of the head.

Still ... the character is only drawn using a rectangle, two large circles and a few patches. I like to think that all animals clipart can be drawn inside a simple rectangle ... all you need to do is make sure that enough features (that are particular to each animal) are shown to be successful.

Giraffe Clipart

Drawing a kangaroo using just one unique feature!

Another interesting case featuring a character define by just one particular feature. Indeed, looking only at the pointed ears or long tail, it's a little hard to identify the cartoon animal found below. Once you spot the patch on the chest, then you might take a guess ... this is a kangaroo (and you are right).

Of course, it doesn't mean that all other features are useless. Indeed, kangaroos do have long pointed ears and a large tail, so these elements are crucial. However, it's the pouch that confirms whether we are dealing with a character from Australia or not. Do you want more animals clipart to work with? Let's continue our tour! :)

Kangaroo Clipart

It's not a monkey! It's a gorilla!

Below we now have a monkey. Well, it's not quite a monkey. This character is a simple cartoon gorilla. First, the animal is filled with a dark grey color. The large eyebrows over the eyes are also helping for the identification of the character. The small and round ears and the pattern drawn around the face are the ultimate clues needed to label this animal as a gorilla.

To succeed at drawing this illustration accurately, the second step is the most important one that must be achieved properly. The line sketched below the mouth is unique and must be drawn perfectly. Don't hesitate to try over and over again if needed.

Gorilla Clipart

colors are also important to create this cute chicken

This cute little chicken is also fun to draw. You won't notice anything particular except for the small hair on top of the head and the red tail located on the right of the cartoon animal. The shape of the beak and the small wings are the ultimate clues needed to make sure we are not dealing with a duck or any other bird.

Of all animals clipart available on this page, this one is definitely my favorite character. Using a bright yellow color as well as some red and orange is certainly a good idea to end up with a vibrant image filled with strength and personality.

Chicken Clipart

a nice shark loaded with special features

We've been on the ground for a while now, so why not take a look under water while we try to illustrate this shark clipart as accurately as possible. This list of animals clipart is also featuring sea creatures, so let's see how we can draw a terrifying shark using a simple rectangle and a few basic shapes.

Unlike the kangaroo that was mostly defined by one simple element (the pouch), this character is loaded with unique body parts that are easy to sketch. The top fin, the teeth, the gills, the tail and the patch on the stomach are all contributing to make this shark look like one.

Shark Clipart

cheating to create a more realistic frog

Sometimes is also nice to cheat a little bit. In the case of the frog, the top of the rectangle is not perfectly straight. Two large oval shapes were added to create a unique feature that is only available on this animal. The back legs and the patch on the chest are also contributing to make this frog easily recognizable. 

Don't worry! You can leave the top of the rectangle flat and still create a beautiful cartoon frog. I cheated because I felt it was artistically more appealing like this, but it was certainly not necessary. Just like all characters we have created so far, don't hesitate to unleash your creativity and draw something different. Nothing is unchangeable! ;)

More animals for even more fun!

Did you like these animals clipart so far? Great! The good news is that you can learn how to draw even more fun (and simple) cartoon characters using the list available below. 

As usual, don't forget to practice as often as needed. Even if these clipart images are easy to create, you must sketch and sketch again until you are 100% comfortable duplicating these images perfectly without using any guideline or tutorial. 

Have fun! :)

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