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Submit Your Farm Animal Drawings!

In this section, you have the opportunity to submit all your animal drawings. All drawings related to the farm like cows, dogs, cats, chickens and more can be uploaded here.

Farm animal drawings

Drawing a farm animal is a nice way to learn for every beginner. Some can be quite easy to draw, like cats, while others are more challenging to create, like horses. But that's the beauty of cartoons.

Even if your horse isn't really drawn with accurate proportions, you can still get away with it!

So, if you don't already have a farm animal drawing, just create one (or follow the tutorials available on your right in the navigation menu) and submit it through the form below!

Have fun!

Just fill out the form below and read the following recommendations to make sure that your drawing will be approved:

  • JPG format only. Preferably optimized for the web.
  • Please make sure that your submission is relevant to this category. Otherwise, you might want to submit your drawing in another section.
  • Submissions with no text (and only a picture) will be rejected. A description about your techniques, your work or yourself is really appreciated. This will make your submission more interesting for the visitors.
  • Review your submission to avoid typos.
  • You can upload multiple images.
  • All submissions need to be approved before going live online. So it is useless to spam.

Thank you for sharing your drawing and don't be afraid to show your page to your friends!

Please note that all drawings submitted by you or by other artists are available below the submission form. 

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the drawings that others have submitted in this section:

Click below to see contributions from other visitors:

My freedom horse 
This is freedom she loves to run and stand pretty to allow everyone to admire her beauty.

Crazy horse.. 
Crazy Horse always getting into trouble, looking for adventure! Trying to make new friends.

Angel raccon 
The poor raccon got ran over and now is a raccon angel how cute

Little cartoon car 
It's a cartoon car didn't really think much about it just drew it to see if I could

don't disturb me ......I'm flying

Cute Fish 
Its just for fun..

The Bull 
Sketch, been practicing animals. Although my phone doesn't like taking good pictures. haha.

Mrs Blockcow and Mr Blockbull 
This is entirely done in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI. I love to make digital drawings, and I love to make the block animals tutorials for beginners …

Franz and Hilda 
My first attempt at drawing horses. It went pretty well. It was hard at first but I think I did a pretty good job.

A cow, I don't know why I made the look on his face the way it is.

Meow meow 
This is the picture of a cat who is taking her breakfast..See the happiness on her face..she couldn't control herself

My Bird 
Birds are the beautifull sights of the world.I am fond of them.So i started to draw this picture.

My Cow 
Hi Everyone..I am Mr Cow..I live in the farm house of my farmer.He looks after me very well..I am happy there...

My Rabbit 
Once upon a time there lived a rabbit in a carrot farm. His name was mikku...His main occupation was selling carrot in the market.... See.. mikku is …

its a worm like the worm in farm animals but a bit more pink

This is a funny cow who seems to be angry about something!! :D That thing around his neck is a bell.

Bessy The Cow 
This is Bessy the cow.I tried to keep it very simple. She was pretty easy to draw on paper, but more difficult on the computer.

Pink cow 
Ever had strawberry milk? I think it's great!! Here's the animal second graders think it comes from ;]

cute doggy 
Hello Martin!I showed my artsie buddy victoria your website and she drew this cute dog thing to post on your site. she hopes you and others like it! ^.^ …

Fat Piggie!! 
a few extra lines that werent ment to be there...but i like my pig. =]

funny dog 
cute and funny!

moo cow 
this is a very easy cartoon to draw very easy i drew it in five minuites.

Chinese Rabbit 
This is a drawing of a rabbit...it was meant to be chinese but I'm not sure if it looks like it is :D

A rabbit  
This is another work I did for a competition...I didn't win that one either T_T

a cat 
This is a cat I drew about 2 years ago for a competition for a funny , cartoon animal....but I didn't win ToT

Piggy is a pig picture drawn on the computer.

Flies !!!! 
Those are two flies the one on the left is pamela and the right is lauren

Pinky the pig 
pinky is a Young pig that likes on a farm.

Up but with a fox 
This is what happens when you tie baloons on a fox (it took a long time to draw this so i hope you got good comments on it =D)

A little fluffy sheep had drawn and scaned in in 2 mins, nicknamed Fluffy she is simple and a little odd, but I like her all the same!

This is a piggy! I started drawing this in 5th grade, we had a substitute teacher,and I was very bored! I started doodling on a piece of paper, just …

Fish Not rated yet
This a fish in the ocean.

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