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Creating a cute Animal Drawing using fun tutorials

How to draw a puppy

In this section of the website, each animal drawing that you will learn to draw will be created from simple basic shapes. However, I will show you how to draw these animals from sketching to vector versions. Each step is well documented and very easy to follow. Of course, using a vector application will be easier if you want to end up with a similar result.

When possible, additional tips on how to make your sketches better or how to use tools from your software can also be available. My goal is to make sure that you can draw the cartoon character quickly and easily. 

Creating a simple 2D character can be done by anyone, but adding realistic effects like shadows can be a little bit more challenging. In this section, I will give you all the tips you need to create stunning shadows and reflections that will enhance your illustration.

I hope you will have fun creating these cartoon animals and don't forget that your animal drawing will be as good as you want it to be. Have fun with these tutorials!

let's start with a cute and adorable puppy :)

The first lesson you can try is this fun cartoon puppy mostly made from long curved lines. The posture is really easy to illustrate (front view while the animal is sitting) and the head is pretty large to increase the level of cuteness.

Shadows are added mostly on the left side of the drawing while all reflections are on the right side. Also, notice how all strokes in the final step are filled with colors (and not just black).

You can either use the video lesson or the step-by-step written version of this tutorial. Remember that more videos are available on my Youtube channel.

Another cute and simple animal to work with

This basic character is also very easy to represent. The body and the head of the penguin are made from a single shape and the beak is drawn using two small triangles. Curved lines are used for the wings and feet.

To make sure that all effects like shadows and reflections are visible on the body, you can use a dark grey color for this one (instead of black). For the patch on the stomach, this one should be white, but with all these digital effects this part of the character seems grey.

a side view for this funny cartoon chicken

All tips used previously are used in this illustration of a chicken (shadows, reflections, colored outlines). However, the posture is slightly different since this time the animal in shown in a side view. Notice how the eye is large compared to previous characters.

In this case, the bottom of the body is much darker than the top. The tiny pupil is also interesting considering the size of the eye. Feel free to add more details if you want to.

let's go under the sea!

Most dolphins are usually drawn from a horizontal position (and from a side view). For this animal drawing lesson, the posture is quite different and the facial expression is also very interesting to work with. 

The long stripe found on the chest is contributing to adding more perspective to the illustration. For this lesson, adding reflection is really important. All these brighter areas in the final version are contributing to the addition of depth and volume inside this image.

back on earth ... for something more complex

This cartoon lion represents a good challenge if you want to illustrate a character with irregular shapes and filled with more details. The mane is definitely adding some depth to the character with all the shadows needed on and around this one. Fortunately, the posture is rather easy to duplicate.

four legs ... and a bigger challenge!

Four legs animals are definitely the most difficult ones to create. The back legs are especially challenging since the shape of these elements is rather unusual. This cartoon deer is a good example of what to expect with such a character. 

All tips learned earlier are heavily used in this tutorial. If you can draw this character easily, then you should be able to create most characters from this series without struggling too much.

a simple one before the big list

We did not have a chance to work with insects so far. The fun thing about these little creatures is the fact that they are usually quite easy to illustrate. This cartoon dragonfly is a pretty good example. All body parts are mostly made from circles and oval shapes. Colors are simple and digital effects are very easy to implement.

want to try more characters? This is the place!

Below you will have access to all cartoon characters found in this series. Before proceeding with these lessons, you can take a look at this article featuring a quick overview of all techniques that I use to draw these images. 

Select each animal drawing that you want to work with using the list below and enjoy! :)

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