Animal Art by Dragon GIrl Darling

by Jessie D.
(US of A!)

There are tons of people out there who enjoy drawing quadrupeds (four-legged animals) such as wolves, dogs, cats, horses, ect. I have one tip that you should remember...

Research what you want to draw!!!!

Many people will just take a tutorial or something and automatically try to draw. Well, I have tried and failed tons of times with that same thought in my head. Here's what I suggest if you're stumped, go to the library! Ask a librarian for a book on your type of animal.

You'd be amazed how far you can go. If you can't do that, then go ahead and download a picture off the internet to look off of. That helps me. If you already have the structure and anatomy of your creature in your head, you can go quite far. But overall, no matter how you draw, have fun with what you're drawing!!!!

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Feb 24, 2009
A model is always important
by: Martin

Even the single best, most talented artist in the world needs to have a model to help him draw better.

Some, after practicing for quite some time, might be able to draw without any help.

But for beginners and even intermediate artist, a model is a must!

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