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Creating an Angel Drawing quickly and easily

Creating An Angel Drawing Quickly And Easily

This tutorial will help you learn how to draw a cute angel drawing based on a simple cartoon character! Somehow, angels are more popular than ever. Many believes that angels are real and around us.

Whether or not they exist, you will learn to draw a classic cartoon character made with wings and a ring on top of the head.

Step 1

Angel drawing

First, open your vector application and select the drawing tool. Create a rectangular shape to form the body and draw an oval shape to illustrate the head.

Notice that the jaws and chin are already visible. You can also draw the arms using two long triangles. Finally, draw the wings are shown on your left. No need to create large wings. Small ones will be perfect!

Step 2

Angel drawing

Next, you can continue with the drawing tool by adding more subtle details that will enhance your cartoon character. You can add the ring on top of the head.

You can also draw the eyes, the pupils, the nose, the mouth and the small line below this one to represent the chin. Finally, you can draw the hands and add small lines on the wings to resume the drawing part of the lesson.

Step 3

Angel drawing

Now we need to add color on the angel drawing. The first thing to do is create a new layer so that the plain colors are separated from the outlines.

Then, create plain shapes on the new layer. This one must be placed behind the outlines. You can select a skin tone for the head and hands, a light blue color for the dress and a lighter blue tone for the wings. The ring can be filled with a golden color.

Step 4

Angel drawing

Now that the plain colors are applied, we need to perform a few tricks to add some shadows on this cartoon character. After all, we want to create a simple 3D effect using only 2D tools.

Select the gradient tool. Then, select each shape one-by-one and apply a second color (ideally, a darker version of the original color found on the plain shape). This new color must be placed on the bottom of each new shapes. The only exceptions are the arms and the hands.

Step 5

Angel drawing

Creating shadows with the gradient tool might not be enough. We also need to manually draw more shapes that will be used to create darker areas. 

Create a new layer between the one that contains the outlines and the one used for the plain shapes. Draw new shadows on the head, arms, body and wings. I also like to add a small circle behind each eye to make the illustration easier to read. 

Step 6

Angel drawing

Each vector application comes with a tool that can create transparency (if you are not sure how to achieve that, please read the help file of your software).

Using this tool, you must partially hide some areas of the shapes created in the last step. Before doing so, locate the light source on your drawing. Once you are finished, make sure that each part of the shape closer to the light source is light and almost transparent. 

Step 7

Angel drawing

One effect that you can also use on your angel drawing is reflection. When lighting hits a surface, a brighter area will be visible.

To create reflection, start by duplicating all plain shapes used to create the character. You can exclude the wings and the ring from this step. Then, change the color of all elements to white. You can also scale down these shapes to 95% of their original sizes.

Step 8

Angel drawing

Once again, you will need to use the transparency tool to partially hide the white shapes created earlier. See step number 6.

Unlike additional shadows added in step 5, the part of the shape closer to the light source must remain white. This effect must be subtle otherwise the drawing will become too light and hard to read.

Step 9

Angel drawing

Finally, one last thing you could do is modify the color of all outlines. Black is a nice color, but I feel like choosing another variation from the color found inside each shape can create a better result. 

Good job! Your angel drawing is now 100% finished! I hope you had fun with this drawing lesson. Don't hesitate to try more resources from the same series below and have fun!

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