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Drawing an angel clipart using basic rectangles

How To Draw An Angel Clipart

Learn how to create a cute angel clipart using basic elements and three simple steps (and another one to add colors!). Angels are spiritual beings that are, in theory, wise, powerful and sometimes invisible. They can be found in several religions around the world, but also in movies, books or simply as spiritual guides for those who believe in these creatures.

Angels are often associated with emotions, qualities or special powers. Some angels might help people go through difficult times while others are gifted with powers like healing or luck. For this tutorial, it is not necessary to believe in angels. Simply enjoy the beauty of this cartoon illustration, grab a pencil (or open your vector application) and start working on this adorable character now!

Step 1

Start this drawing lesson by sketching a small square to represent the head. Next, you can draw a large rectangle (the bottom must be wider than the top) to illustrate the dress of the angel. Finally, draw two long rectangles to create the arms and draw both hands using small circles as shown in the illustration below.

How To Draw An Angel Clipart

Step 2

For this second step, you can start by drawing the ears using two small circles. Then, create the eyes using two large circular shape. The pupils can also be made from small circles. Complete this step by drawing a small curved line to form the mouth. Nice work! The face of this cartoon angel is now completed. Just like most characters from the same series, the nose is not represented by any shapes.

How To Draw An Angel Clipart

Step 3

A few more details and we are done! On top of the head of the character, draw some hair using a few curved lines. On top of the hair, a large ring made from two oval shapes can also be added. Finally, two small wings made from curved lines can be drawn on both sides of the angel drawing. :)

How To Draw An Angel Clipart

Step 4

Adding colors is also a good idea to give more life to this cartoon illustration. The pupils are black while the ring is yellow. Hair are filled with an orange color while the shirt (or the dress) is blue. The wings are also filled with a light blue color and are slightly transparent. Outlines (or strokes) are also filled with various colors.

How To Draw An Angel Clipart

Great! This angel clipart is visually quite adorable!

These are all steps needed to create this angel clipart properly. Want to try more angels? No problem! You can start by sketching a beautiful angel made from simple shapes. Another cute angel made from curved lines and circles is also available. If you prefer something a little bit more challenging, then you can try this angel drawing made from various digital effects.

How To Draw An Angel Clipart

Finally, this second complex character made from shadows and reflections can also be a good exercise. Enjoy and don't stop believing! ;)

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