An American Central Park

by Melita
(Galveston, Texas)

Racoon#1: Hey Billy!
Beaver#2: Hey Rog!
Racoon#3: Have you seen Mike? He's usually here by now feeding us his scraps from yesterday's dinner.
Beaver#4: No, man, I haven't seen him yet, but Sonia told me she saw him here, in the park, last night.
Squirrel#5: Thass rat Rog! I seen em lass nat I ded, hawlin' at dem dere bawl en da skay.
Racoon#6: What the...? I don't believe it, Mike doesn't visit the park at night, what's the big idea Sonia?
Squirrel#7: Ain't noe ideare 'o mine Rog, jess tellen eet lack eet eis. Ah mean, shoo, ee dunt even luke youmen annie-mur.
Racoon#8: Well, that's a wild story. I'll believe it when I see it.
Squirrel#9: Look fer yurself, ere ee com.
Racoon#10: Holy Canoly!!!
Beaver#11: Uh...he looks kinda hungry.
Monster#12: Now we can be together forever my nature that my stomach growling?

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