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"Amelia" is my first 2D animated film created especially for the web. My goal was to create a fun adventure film featuring cute cartoon characters and a simple, but amusing scenario. In this movie, Amelia must fight an evil tooth fairy who replaced the good fairy in her quest to create the greatest castle of all time.

Who is Amelia? Well, she is a cute 6 years old girl with a lot of attitude and plenty of imagination! She also owns a cute dog named "Puppy" (not a very creative name, I know!) that will help her in this adventure. Of course, you will also meet the mother and father of Amelia while she is trying the find the answers to all her questions.

If you are wondering if this movie is based on a true story, I would answer... in some ways, yes. If you did not see the movie yet, lets just say that the father could represent the "realistic" aspect of the movie. Indeed, the tooth fairy is not always on time... probably because she is really really busy! :)


Creating a 2D animation can be time-consuming. It took me around 200 hours to come up with nearly 7 minutes of animation. First, scenes were created with Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 7 and then cartoon characters were created and animated in Anime Studio Pro 8. Editing was done using Corel VideoStudio Pro 4.

The movie contains 65 shots, 6 characters and several backgrounds. Rendering all 65 shots took 2 days. Editing the entire movie took almost a week. As you can see, creating a 2D animated film can be a long (but fun) process. Now that everything is finished, I am happy to share the result with you.

A special thanks to P. MacLean from for providing voices. Without her great performance, this film wouldn't be what it is today!

the drawers ... or how to find perfect love

This short animated film was a lot simpler to create. One sequence, no dialogues and a very basic storyline. I love when things are simple and this is the perfect example why short films don't need to be complex to be interesting. Hopefully you will also enjoy this one (it's just one minute and a few seconds long) and don't hesitate to visit my Youtube channel for more great videos and drawing lessons.

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Learn how to draw in minutes using fun e-books now!
Learn how to draw in minutes using fun e-books now!

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Create unlimited products and copies using 2000+ cute images now!

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