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how to draw an alien clipart using simple rectangles

How To Draw An Alien Clipart

Learn how to create a fun alien clipart using a large rectangle, a few basic circles and a good old pencil! Aliens are fun to illustrate simply because you have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and draw basically anything you have in mind. Of course, they are a few stereotypes that you can work with (grey or green skin, antennas, large eyes, etc ...), but you can also sketch something from scratch and end up with an original character.

In this case, I have created an alien with all the basic features usually found in modern culture. This character is cute, funny and mostly easy to illustrate. You can either use a pencil or a vector application to represent this character. Whether you believe in these little creatures or not is irrelevant. The fun part is to draw a simple version like the one found above! ;)

Step 1

Great! In this first step, you need three different rectangles to form the head, the body and the legs of our little alien friend. The first one is similar to a square, although it can be slightly higher. This shape is used to represent the head. The next one is a rectangle that must be large and short. You can use this shape to form the body. Finally, the last one is thin and large. You can use this third shape to create the legs of the alien character.

How To Draw An Alien Clipart

Step 2

Next, draw two long lines on top of the head to illustrate the antennas. On both ends of these lines, draw small circles to complete this part of the character. The arms are created from long rectangles. The hands are represented by small circles. Feet are also create from long circular shapes that are cut in the middle.

How To Draw An Alien Clipart

Step 3

For this last step (at least for the drawing part of the tutorial), you can draw two large circles to create the eyes. Pupils are done from smaller circular shapes. The mouth consists of a small curved line that is place right below the eyes. The character doesn't have a nose, so you don't have to illustrate that part of the body.

How To Draw An Alien Clipart

Step 4

Amazing! Now that the character is drawn, you can add colors to bring this nice cartoon alien to life! Antennas can be black and red. The skin of the character can be filled with a bright green color (or a grey one if you prefer). The shirt and the feet are filled with a light grey color while a darker version of the same color can be used for the pants. Nice work! We are already done!

How To Draw An Alien Clipart

Great job creating this cute and adorable alien clipart!

I hope you had fun working with this cute alien clipart. The fun thing with aliens is that you can draw what you want!

How To Draw An Alien Clipart

Don't hesitate to explore all possibilities when creating more alien characters. :)

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