A good vector software and a painting program!

by Martin

Once again, give me the opportunity to give you my opinion on this subject.

I personally use Paint Shop pro to make some minor adjustments to my cartoons and images.

I also purchase recently manga studio which allows you to create a simple comic strip with basic but powerful tools. I didn't play with it much so far, but it seems very promising.

I also treat myself with a pen and a graphic tablet recently. Very effective and fun to use!

One of my goal is to purchase Illustrator in a near future. This is without a doubt the most effective tool to create nice illustrations.

But for now, I still use an old version of Moho (now called anime studio) to create vector drawings.

So? What's your recipe when making nice cartoons on your computer?

PS: Don't hesitate to post a comment about my opinion or just start one of your own!

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