A cartoon dog's face

by Kayleigh

draw a long,thin sideways oval on your page. Then draw an upright oval through that one starting from the bottom upwards.The ears are next! draw half of a banana sticking out of the sides of the tall oval. This is your plain outline ( ' v ' )!!! Next put in some circles for eyes and a smaller circle inside each of them! The eyes!( o o ) Now below the eyes put a small sideway oval for a nose. then draw a j without the dot on from the bottom of the nose. repeat the j but backwards this time! erase any unnecessary lines and then you are done

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Aug 23, 2013
by: allie

i tried it and it was outstanding thank you so much for putting the tutorial online!! :)

Dec 20, 2012
The dog
by: Crystal

i thought there was going to be a picture!
oh well

May 15, 2010
Hi Kayleigh!
by: Martin

Thanks for this descriptive tutorial! :)

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