All you need to learn how to draw

Whether you prefer to use easy online lessons, simple videos or printable e-books, you will find everything you need to learn how to draw cute cartoon illustrations on this site. Filled with more than 1000+ accessible tutorials, all your favorite animals, characters, objects, vehicles, food and more can be found here.

All the links you need to get started are available on the bottom of this page. Take your time, study these lessons carefully and enjoy drawing adorable cartoon illustrations using our useful resources.

Let's see what's new on How-to-draw :)

7 new fun e-books loaded with easy lessons

Are you looking for more printable exercises to play with? Good news! Our e-book collection is now featuring seven new simple resources filled with easy drawing lessons perfect for everyone. Now loaded with 23 e-books, 2000+ pages and more than 3600+ exercises, this is the collection you need to learn how to draw tons of cute cartoon illustration quickly and easily. These seven new printable resources are featuring cute farm animals, wild animals, food, objects, characters, classroom images and sports clipart. The license is perfect for teachers too! See the list of all e-books here.

Yes! I'm Finally on instagram!

Over the last few years, I've worked hard to create cool content on my Pinterest and Facebook page. Today, I am proud to announce that most lessons from this site will be added on Instagram over the next few weeks and months. It's a new opportunity to enjoy all your favorite drawing lessons on a different and popular platform. Some lessons will be quite similar to the ones found here will others can be slightly modified. Don't hesitate to follow me and rediscover simple and complex drawing tutorials from all over again! Follow me here and enjoy!

New! adorable COVID19 illustrations!

Are you looking for cute COVID19 illustrations to help you enhance products, signs, online websites or documents? Good news! You can now download a collection of clipart images featuring 72 high quality files based on the current crisis. Whether you need adorable images related to hospital personnel, sanitary objects, rules or simple situations, this collection is perfect to help you achieved your goal. Even more interesting is the fact that you can use these simple clipart illustrations to create unlimited products and print unlimited copies. Now that's a flexible license usage! See all images here

All new fun cartoon animals to draw

You can now learn to draw a new set of adorable cartoon animals made from a simple (and single) template. Indeed, all characters from this series can be drawn using a large head and tiny body made from curved lines. Once you are familiar with the technique used to draw all these fun creatures, you can use your imagination and draw more fun characters and animals in just a few minutes! This series is filled with all the animals you love like reptiles, amphibians, farm animals, wild animals, insects, felines, dogs, sea creatures and more. Start drawing cute animals now!

Learn to draw using simple videos

You can now enjoy more than 200 cool videos filled with fun drawing lessons and short animated films. Indeed, several lessons from this site can now be found on my Youtube channel. Using step-by-step drawing lessons to learn is fun, but seeing it all in action is even better! All videos are less than 8 minutes long meaning that you don't need to spend hours learning how to draw cool images. A wide variety of themes like animals, insects, objects, characters, sports, flowers, buildings and places are available. Enough to keep you busy for days & weeks! Start watching videos here

Cute royalty-free animals now available!

Do you have a project that you would like to enhance using cute cartoon animals? If so, you will be happy to learn that a new collection featuring 80 adorable animals is now available. These cute cartoon characters are mostly made from simple curved lines and filled with plain colors. You will have access to high quality JPEG files as well as convenient PNG files with transparency. Whether you need cute farm animals, colorful wild animals, bright insects or cute animals from the sea, this collection is definitely for you. This series also comes with the most flexible license possible. See all animals here

Yes, working from home is possible

With the current world situation, having a second income as a back-up is definitely a good idea. You can find plenty of "Get-rich-quick scheme" online, but most of them are just scam (or simply ineffective). Building a legitimate online business that can provide a constant stream of income demands time and dedication. I know it can be done because I've been working at home for the past 12 years ... and yes, you can do it too. Take all the time you need to think about it, no pressure. Building an online business is a fun and exciting commitment. Learn how you could make a life-changing decision today.

Don't mess with the tooth fairy!

Ever wonder what happens when you place your child's tooth under a pillow? Amelia, a young girl with a creative imagination, is about to find out. Enjoy a cute little animated story filled with laughs, colorful cartoon characters and creative worlds.

Getting started on how-to-draw-funny-cartoons

No sure where to start? With more than 1000+ drawing lessons available on this site, getting started can be quite intimidating. Let me guide you through all the most important links, lessons and resources that can help you learn how to draw a wide variety of cool cartoon illustrations quickly and easily.

Popular farm animals :

- Cat
- Chicken
- Dog
- Pig
- Turtle

Popular wild animals :

- Bear
- Crocodile
- Elephant
- Lion
- Raccoon

Popular insects :

- Bee
- Butterfly
- Caterpillar
- Snail
- Spider

Popular birds :

- Bird
- Cardinal
- Eagle
- Owl
- Penguin

Popular sea animals :

- Crab
- Dolphin
- Fish
- Octopus
- Shark

Popular body parts :

- Brain
- Ears
- Eyes
- Nose
- Teeth

Popular food :

- Banana
- Cheese
- Eggs
- Steak
- Sushi

Popular objects :

- Chair
- Door
- Guitar
- Pencil
- Table

Popular places :

- Bank
- Castle
- House
- Pool
- Sun

Popular nature :

- Beehive
- Cactus
- Flower
- Tree
- Waterfall

Popular sports : 

- Basketball
- Football
- Golf
- Hockey
- Trampoline

Popular vehicles :

- Airplane
- Bicycle
- Car
- Tank
- Train

Popular videos :

- Amelia
- Cookie
- Dad
- Oval shape
- Rock

Popular miscellaneous :

- Camping
- Controller
- Hearts
- Skull
- Space