A few tips to get started!

This site is now filled with more than 1000+ cool drawing lessons featuring all the cartoon characters, animals, food, objects and vehicles you love (and more added on a regular basis). Feeling overwhelmed?

No problem! Let me help you start on the right foot by suggesting a few categories that are perfect for beginners or people looking for more challenging tutorials to work with. Whether you just want to create simple and cute characters or prefer to sketch complex illustrations, you will find all you need to learn how to draw quickly and effectively!

basic lessons to work with simple shapes and lines

First, it can be a good idea to work with characters that are mostly made from squares, triangles and circles. Working with basic animals and characters like the one found below can be motivating since achieving your goal can be quick and feasible for everyone.

If you look at the cartoon bear found below, this one can easily be created from a large rectangle, a few circular shapes and plain colors. No need to create complex patterns or textures. Clipart animals and clipart characters are also good alternatives since this type of illustration is usually pretty basic to represent.

how to draw - bear clipart

Here is another example featuring a cute firefighter that is also drawn with basic shapes like circles and rectangles. However, this cute character is created without outlines or strokes (in the final illustration) to end up with a different result that is also visually appealing.

This cartoon character is slightly more complex to illustrate than the bear found above, but it can easily be done if you follow all steps carefully and pay attention to proportions and all the small details found inside the subject.

Easy lessons to go one step further

Once you are able to draw basic characters using simple shapes, you might want to go one step further and try to illustrate more complex images filled with basic digital effects. It's time to work with color gradients, irregular lines and advanced postures.

You can find a wide variety of drawing lessons ranging from characters, body parts as well as farm animals, wild animals or miscellaneous tutorials. These lessons are quite accessible, but might require a little bit more work if you are new to drawing.

How to draw - waiter

The waiter above is a good example of a character that was drawn with a different posture and filled with basic color gradients. The biggest challenge for this lesson might be to draw realistic fingers (which are usually more difficult to achieve) and keep proportions accurate.

Intermediate tutorials loaded with interesting tips

Things are getting more challenging now! You can now learn how to work with complex postures, textures and patterns. Some of these lessons are also introducing the usage of shadows, highlights and reflections. You will learn how to create depth and volume quickly and easily using basic techniques that can be done with vector applications.

You will also find a wider variety of themes to work with. Not only can you learn how to draw animals and objects, but you can also try to illustrate a few vehicles, delicious food or even a few original places. It's time to unleash your creativity! :)

How to draw - camel

The camel above is a fun animal to work with since it is featuring perspective, strong shadows and highlights as well as a body made from several irregular shapes. Animals that are drawn with four legs (cows, horses, camels) are always more complicated to create.

Advanced lessons for those looking for a real challenge

Patterns, textures, shadows and reflections are all the things you are likely to learn in this section of the site. Using a vector software to create all these great digital effects is highly recommended. Here, I am assuming that you can draw complex animals and characters that are featured in various postures and displaying original facial expressions.

A few misc tutorials featuring body parts, plants, flowers, objects and vehicles are also available. All of these fun lessons are offering various challenges that can help you become more creative or discover new tips and techniques that can be applied on other images.

How to draw - goblin

The troll above is definitely a fun exercise to practice if you want to work with a complex character that displays a subtle facial expression. Some areas like the clothing, the hands and the feet are also nice to try if you want something different to work with.

These are the starting point for your online journey on how-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com. You can also get a look at all new tutorials here and when you are done creating adorable images.

Have fun on this site!


Martin :)