New video tutorials to help you draw!

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New video tutorials designed to help you draw cool cartoon illustrations are now added on my Youtube channel. Learn how to draw a large variety of animals filled with great digital effects and created using a vector application. You will have the opportunity to see how color gradients are added, how to draw beautiful highlights or how to sketch nice textures using only basic lines and shapes.

For instance, the video lesson found above is featuring a nice cartoon owl drawn with realistic eyes and filled with appealing digital effects designed to give a 3D look to the character. You can find the complete list of all animals here. A written version is also available for all characters and both options are loaded with useful tips that will help you draw more cartoon animals quickly and easily. :)

Getting Started On How To Draw Funny Cartoons!

This site is now filled with more than 1000+ cool drawing lessons featuring all the cartoon characters, animals, food, objects and vehicles you love (and more added on a regular basis). Feeling overwhelmed?

No problem! Let me help you start on the right foot by suggesting a few sections that are perfect for beginners or people looking for more challenging tutorials to work with. Whether you just want to create simple and cute characters or prefer to sketch complex illustrations, you will find all you need to learn how to draw quickly and effectively!

If you don't have much drawing experience, then it can be a good idea to start with simple tutorials featuring animals and characters made from simple shapes and elements. Most of these lessons can be easily completed by beginners.

You will have the opportunity to work with lessons that are either created from basic circular shapes and lines or others that are made from rectangles and squares. All characters found below are extremely easy to duplicate and can become a good foundation to all future drawings of yours.

Once you are familiar with these basic cartoon animals and characters, you can proceed with even more tutorials featuring simple drawing lessons that are still easy, but slightly more challenging than the basic ones described above.

In these lessons, you will have the chance to create characters with shapes that are more detailed, a little bit more complex and sometimes filled with simple digital effects. You might need a few attempts to get it right, but if you are dedicated to your work, no doubt that you will succeed.

Feel like you can draw something way more complicated? Great! These lessons are created from complex shapes, gorgeous shadows, subtle reflections and gradient colors. Everything you need to create awesome digital characters that are appealing and more realistic.

In most of these cases, using a vector application might be an interesting option. These software are now cheaper than ever and can help you create amazing images in no time. 

You can also try painting programs to create characters that are more realistic and visually stunning. Of course, painting software are much harder to use, but the results are also more beautiful!

These are the starting point for your online journey on You can also get a look at all new tutorials here and when you are done creating adorable images.

Have fun on this site!


Martin :)