How to Draw a Zombie Clipart

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This creepy zombie clipart is searching for a smart brain to help him ... draw himself! Are you a potential candidate? I hope so! Because illustrating this adorable character can easily be done by anyone, even beginners! Using simple shapes like rectangles and circles, you will learn how to create a simple zombie filled with plain colors in just four easy steps.

Zombies are fascinating creatures. A few decades ago, zombies were basically dead people walking around very slowly while searching for a good brain to eat. A single shot to the head of these creatures was enough to solve the problem. Today, the reality is slightly more complex. Zombies can be quick, very aggressive and almost invincible.

How To Draw A Zombie Clipart

Step 1

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a cute version of zombies. First, sketch a large square to form the head. The body and the legs are done from small rectangles. Next, draw the arms, the hands and the feet using rectangles and circles. Remember to use thick outlines to illustrate an adorable cartoon character.

How To Draw A Zombie Clipart

Step 2

For this second step, let's work mostly inside the head of the character. Start by adding two large circles to represent the eyes. The pupils are made from smaller circles. Notice how these pupils are not aligned properly to give a weird facial expression to the zombie. Then, add a small curved line to create the mouth. Finally, complete this step by drawing two small circles to form the ears.

How To Draw A Zombie Clipart

Step 3

So far, the character looks pretty normal (except for the pupils!). Let's sketch a few stitches inside the head and the body of the creature. The drawing aspect of this lesson is now completed. It's time to add colors. Why? Because colors will help this character transform itself into what we are looking for: a cute and adorable cartoon zombie!

How To Draw A Zombie Clipart

Step 4

For this lesson, you mostly need to add green and brown colors. The skin is filled with a light green color. Pupils are also green, but different variations of the same color are used. Finally, the shirt, the pants and the shoes can be colored in brown. Good work! Now we have a nice zombie created from basic shapes and colors!

How To Draw A Zombie Clipart

This zombie clipart is definitely too cute to be terrifying!

Below are all four steps required to draw this character properly. I hope you had fun with this tutorial and remember that you can also try more lessons from the same collection here. All these characters are made from simple shapes and are easy to duplicate. Enjoy! :)

How To Draw A Zombie Clipart

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